Gossip Girl Fashion Line Targeted For Fall

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Wish you could look as stylish and chic as Serena van der Woodsen? Dress as classy and beautifully as Blair Waldorf? Rock hip, trendy threads like Jenny Humphrey?

You may be in luck.

Target has announced it will be unveiling a line under the store's Designer Collaboration series inspired by the hot series. Gossip Girl fashion at an affordable price!

Designer Anna Sui plans on designing a collection based on the fashions of our favorite youthful Upper East Side socialites. The line is reportedly set to hit 250 Target stores on September 13 and run through October 17.

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I hope the clothes are all hand-sewn by Dorota! And I hope the sizes don't go big enough so that fat people can wear them! lmao! omg that would be hilarious. I read in UsWeekly that Chuck Bass will be appearing at every Target in the country to help us try on scarfs! LUV U CB!


now i can actually start dressing like BLAIR..


IS THIS just for girls or guys and girls?


aaaww i wish it were in the uk


im so gonna buy


Hmmm...cool idea. But I decide my take when I see the clothes.


I am sad, very sad. I live in Canada and I am obsessed with the show's fashion style. T___T Oh well, I guess this is payback for being able to watch the new episodes a day before the US airing.


This is a good idea, but why Target? I would love it soo much more if it was Kohls or something.


How come Blair is far from Chuck and Nate


will the fashion line be in Target in Australia?

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