Gossip Girl Photos: CW Upfront Presentation

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The Gossip Girl cast was on hand for the CW's "Upfront" presentation this week, in which the network announced its fall lineup and talked about its new and returning series.

A quartet of gorgeous ladies representing GG and looking outstanding were Leighton Meester, Jessica Szohr, Taylor Momsen and Blake Lively. Here's the fab four:

The Fab Four

The CW's big upfront-opening stunt was bringing out Ed Westwick, in character as Chuck Bass, the teenage billionaire CEO of Bass Industries, to come on stage and articulate the merits of the network. That must have been classic.

Click to enlarge tons more photos of the Gossip Girl cast, every member of which looked terrific, at the network's official fall presentation ...

Up Front with Ed
Chace and Jessica Pic
Jessica and Taylor
The Lovely Miss Meester
Georgeous Stars
Leighton Smiles
Custom Taylored
A Connor Paolo Pic
Tanned Ed
Leggy Lively
Westwick Pic
Penn Ponders
Szohr Bet
Leighton's Legs
Such Beauty
Chace Up Front

[Photo Credits: Splash News Online]

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thoz gals kill me emotionally,electrically,,,,,................ they r so admirable,lovely en hav a stickin beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


isn't Leighton naturally blond?
and Jessica's pretty, but there's too much gunk on her face or something
Blake should try wearing something LONGER. it looks inappropriate. haha.


leighton gorgeous totally classy...ed a bit orange.. but still hot...taylor that's to much...jessica i think she's wearing too much makeup..she is such a beautiful girl who doesn't need it..
dan idk idc.... chace well... he is still hot..and blake.. she looks nice.. but i don't like her outfit


I guess Taylor missed the summerwear memo. Seriously, it's May, you're fifteen years old; wear something cute and short! [Not 'slutty' short, but let's just say she could learn a thing or two from the three leggy ladies around her!]Also, Jessica looks stunning, Leighton's shoes are to die for, and Blake looks radiant. Sigh. Taylot, please lay off the red lipstick and black eyeliner. There is a time and place for everything, and this event was NOT it. [She wears the same make-up all the time. Talk about BOOORRRING].


jessica looks drop dead gorgeous in these pictures. blake is stunning and taylor looks so washed out, but i love her red lipstick. leighton looks very boring, as usual! It isn't even the hair color that is bad it is the way she styled it. it just does not flatter her at all. love her shoes though.


love the whole cast
ils sont tres jolis.
love you leightom
love you taylor
love you jessica
love you blake
love gossip girl
best show ever!!!


Honestly? I think none of the girls look good.
Blake's outfit looks bizarre. Jessica DEFINETELY doesn't look good with that hair. Leighton looks like she forgotten her bottoms, plus she doesn't look good with that straight blond hair, hope she goes back to brown ASAP. As for Taylor, well, she just NEVER looks good. She has the worst taste for clothes. She looks like a tramp.


Well, I think they all look good.
Jessica looks absolutely stunning! Breathtaking. And yeah, I like Leighton more brunette, but it's for a movie, so who cares?


Does anyone know if there is a video of Ed doing the Chuck Bass thing?????? I really want to see it!!!


I think Leighton looks great. New look for her and she pulls it off nicely. Blake looks great too. Jessica always looks like she is trying to hard to be vampish. So minus 50 for her!


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