Gossip Girl Season 2 DVD Release Date Announced

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The second season of Gossip Girl has officially been given a DVD release date, and we are happy to report that you can mark August 18 on your calendar.

Just in time for Season Three, which tentatively premieres August 31!

In the DVD set, you'll get all 25 Season Two episodes on seven discs.

The video is listed as widescreen (all the better to see Chuck Bass with), and audio in English Dolby Surround 5.1 with an option for English subtitles.

Bonus material, if any, wasn't mentioned with this morning's initial info, but we suspect some will make it into the final product. The cost is $59.98.

Try not to bombard Amazon with all of your pre-orders at once ...

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aww! why the wait???
i have season one, now i need season two!!
i need my Gossip Girl fix!


Soon, I'll be having Gossip Girl: Seasons 1 & 2 cuz I defintely love that drama. It tells what's up with the scoop & the 411 on all things gossip around NYC.


when does it come out in the philippines?? :-)


Yes, of course I'm thrilled, but my real question is... The 1st season only costs $40.00 -is this more expensive b/c of more actual CONTENT or b/c of its increased popularity?? Give me your take on the issue.


Ok I adore Lei, but some of fans are truly obnoxious. Yes she should be forefront too, but how does that make Blake a slut? So if Lei is in front she's also a slut? Please grow a brain or shut you dumb selves up. *note: most fans are cool. just some are really dumb.


YAYAYAY! i cant wait!! i love gossip girl!


ehh i want it too when does it come out in Spain???
I also think that the cover isnt well enough Blair and chuck should be together and the rest of the couples too!!


minha prima tem esse dvd ...
viciei nele ... !!!


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