Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: T.R. Goes, George Stays?

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The fate of George and Izzie remains very much up in the air. That much we all know, while no one knows how it will be resolved. Here's what Michael Ausiello of EW theorizes ...

Q: OMG. Grey's finale. George or Izzie? What's the deal?

A: My guess? One will live, another will die.

That's an interesting theory in and of itself. But even more intriguing is the theory the columnist posits next - we repeat, it is a theory, and nothing more than that. No one has indicated or suggested that this is going to actually happen, it is merely one fan's idea:

"T.R. Knight is leaving the show, but George is staying. What with being grossly disfigured in the finale, it wouldn't be much of a stretch to let George live and then, a few weeks later, Mark Sloan works his plastic surgery magic and, voila, a new George!"

Sounds a little like something you might see on Days of Our Lives, but not Grey's Anatomy. Then again, Shonda had Izzie making love to a ghost for much of this past season.

What do you think? Could they possibly ... they couldn't, right?

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No way. TR is George. I won't accept any substitution.


Well I hate the fact that T.R is leaving also, he makes George who he is, but the character will still be on GA. I also watch daytime's One Life To Live and the character"michael", who is a doc and married to "marcy", was offered a position to be an attending at Seattle Grace Hospital. He wants to move out of Landview with Marcy!! So both actor/actress are leaving GA, but George's character is staying


Ive heard Stevens and Omaley are signed on for at least one more season. I think Stevens will come back and so will her tumor...but instead of seeing Denney's ghost, she see's George's ghost. So he wont come back to life, but will technically still be on the show.


Both George and Izzie are going to live. I feel it.
And TR will stay and play George. All this stuff is just crazy rumors and Shonda is playing on the rumors-- like crazy. Why not? It certainly is getting the show a TON of attention w/ minimal effort. George and Izzie will both live, I tell you! And KH and TRK will both be back. Shonda would be a fool to let either go.


i LOVE izzie! i dont want her to die.. no!!! izzie and alex are awesome. we love them!


I love all the actors on the show, but to replace George with another actor using plastic surgery would just be.....wrong! Like trying to replace McDreamy.....get can't happen. Let George go to heaven and give Izzy back her life, she just got hitched for gods sake!!!


I agree, Amy. What they did to George made me so angry. I am not coming back next year. I'll rewatch old tapes with the George scenes and the beautiful Gizzie ones. Gizzie was so much better than Lexziepuke. I will never believe Izzie loves that jerk. She doesn't look at him like she did George. So she's basically dead to me. The showw is dead to me without George.


Another George? No way. She basically pushed TR out the door, and now she wants to recast him? How dares she? TR is the most talented actor on this show. I'm so angry she hasn't used him at all, and now we have to pick with a new actor or George dying. Well I hate both choices and both of them would make me leave.


Yes I adore Justin too, but I don't like Alex. He just bugs me. I just want George to live. I never got how much I loved him until this season. I'm so upset. I think of his sweet smile, and I just cry. Why is Shonda doing this? Sorry fro my English, I'm from France.


Laura - I can understand why you thought what Alex said was gross (although it was perfectly Alex), but why did you think it was selfish?
He knew that Izzie wanted to harvest her eggs and he did what he could to help in that situation without hesitation because he knew that it was what she wanted. As far as getting Izzie's permission to fertilize the eggs, I can tell you from personal experience that there is NO WAY that Alex would have been approached about this by anyone if she hand't given her consent. Granted, they should have shown this on screen and they should have talked about it beforehand, but it is 100% illegal for any medical caregiver to even approach someone about this procedure, much less create fertilized embryos, without the woman's written consent, and she would have to sign off on the sperm before it was used. When the Chief said that Alex should talk to Izzie it was because they were essentially making babies that day and it is something that they should discuss. But I thought it showed a huge commitment from Alex that he was willing to do it. JMO.

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