Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: T.R. Goes, George Stays?

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The fate of George and Izzie remains very much up in the air. That much we all know, while no one knows how it will be resolved. Here's what Michael Ausiello of EW theorizes ...

Q: OMG. Grey's finale. George or Izzie? What's the deal?

A: My guess? One will live, another will die.

That's an interesting theory in and of itself. But even more intriguing is the theory the columnist posits next - we repeat, it is a theory, and nothing more than that. No one has indicated or suggested that this is going to actually happen, it is merely one fan's idea:

"T.R. Knight is leaving the show, but George is staying. What with being grossly disfigured in the finale, it wouldn't be much of a stretch to let George live and then, a few weeks later, Mark Sloan works his plastic surgery magic and, voila, a new George!"

Sounds a little like something you might see on Days of Our Lives, but not Grey's Anatomy. Then again, Shonda had Izzie making love to a ghost for much of this past season.

What do you think? Could they possibly ... they couldn't, right?

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