Heroes Season Four Spoilers: More Time Traveling Ahead

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According to a column on E! Online, Heroes isn't finished with its often-frustrating use of time travel.

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Reports indicate that Hiro's (Masi Oka) storyline for the volume titled "Redemption" is filled with time traveling, though the site does claim "the payoff is said to be worth it."

Forgive us if we're not entirely hopeful about that.

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I'm sorry to say people must be really stupid if they can't understand Heroes's simple storyline. I mean God, and when people talk about how interesting Season 1 was it gets on my nerves, Season 1 was boring, having to watch them all fall into their powers was excruciating. I think Heroes storyline is great. And I haven't seen any plot holes, of course when someone is going to die we think just use Claire, but basically only HGR knows that Claire's blood has healing properties for others too, Peter probably thinks it was only Adam's blood that had those properties. -A 12 Year Old


Maybe he gets his full use of power back gradually, but travels and teleports accidentally when he stops time, kind of like back in Season One when he couldnt control his powers. It would be kind of cool to see those situations come back, where he tries to use his power to do something and ends up at the other side of the world in a completely different time.


Time has only ruined the show for those that have so little else to do with their life but to take notes on every Ep. Like said above, its Hiro's power and hes not going anywhere. Unless they do something stupid with the show. It now hurts Hiro to use his ability so he is only going to use it if its relavent.


So Hiro is going to get his full powers back! EXCITING!


To Maj: WRONG!!. Time travel has not destryed the show, it has only made much of Hiro's storyline relatively pointless. I say. Let hiro keep his time travelling, but for God's sake, make it relavent.


TIME HAS DESTROYED THE SHOW...AND WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO IF USED...They should leave his powers to stopping current time and IF NEED BE then give him back his teleporting, but NOT TIME TRAVEL.


If Hiro hadn't traveled through time, he never would have known New York would get blown up and his role in Season 1 would have been a lot different.
I think its important that his time travel capabilities have limits so he can't change the past, but this was established when he tried to save Charlie. But his teleporting is important because even if the other characters are supposed to "save the world", being able to see the future shows them why.


I'm okay with the Hiro time travelling. Does anyone else think the show should start in January to avoid a Hiatus? And should be moved to a day that doesn't have american football and 24 to compete with?


I agree, there needs no reason to be negative about the possible time traveling. Done right, it's really enjoyable, and I agree with MZBrink and Some Guy, Hiro's a major character and time traveling was one of his major powers and he needs it back.


To Love: Umm... okay, I won't say September. But I can say it definately won't be anytime between May to August. It's like any other season time frame for a TV show; starts in the fall, ends in the spring. You just have to wait. The cast and crew need vacation time and also a time to get the writing and shooting done before they can air an episode. And I know that many people are annoyed about time travel, but it's Hiro's ability and he's a major character, and in my opinion, one of the biggest 3 characters on the show, so obviously they have to show time travel at some point in the show.

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