Josh Schwartz Dishes Chuck Season Three Spoilers

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Yesterday we posted Ausiello's interview with Josh Schwartz, where he asked what we can expect out of season three when Chuck returns midseason.

Now Ausiello has posted the second half of the interview, which features some good Chuck season three spoilers.  Here's the second half:

MICHAEL AUSIELLO: Will Chuck and Sarah start the season off as a full-fledged couple?
SCHWARTZ: Chuck having the Intersect in his head will severely complicate their ability to be a couple ... [And] look for a potential new love interest on the show.

Chuck and Sarah at the Buy More

Really? For who?
Someone who could triangulate between a couple of characters.

Male or female?
Gosh, isn't it more fun to tease?

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i love chunk & serah


pow mano e muito irado essa serie


I heard one of the usual characters are going to be permanently gone of the show ...........if thats true ..........shit i hope it aint MR.AWESOME.........i think chuck and sarah should be together for audiance sake, its what we want........u kno the f'd up thing is that the rd season is startin in march 2010 ............i hope i dont lose interest in the show.


Yeah! CHUCK AND SARAH MUST BE TOGETHER! That's what this show is about! I love them


NOOOOO!!! Make it funny with Chuck and Sarah together. They must be a couple and have fun together... The show must go forward. If they start going around with the couple they are going to tired the audience. They have to build the story from their relationship because that what would happen in real life. If not, people is going to get bored.
By the way, sorry for my English, I am from Argentina.

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