Kris Allen Wants Respect

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Fresh off a surprising American Idol victory, Kris Allen isn't asking for much.

"The only thing that I really want to do is just be respected in the music industry," the singer told reporters in a conference call last week. "And whether that means selling albums or winning Grammys or people just liking your music, that's what I really want to do."

Singing Heartless

As for the future, Kris and wife Katy know nothing will ever be the same. But that's a good thing, assuming they keep it all in perspective.

"Things are definitely going to change, but we're really strong and she's really cool so we don't have any question that everything's going to be fine," he said.

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He should get the respect he deserves. Kris Allen is a great musician and singer. I am surprised at how hateful some fans have been to this guy. Kris is one of the sweetest, humblest guys I have seen on American Idol in years and I have been watching since the beginning. Since when are people so hateful to not like the underdog who, by working hard and re-arranging music, came up from behind as the dark horse to win the whole thing? I think Kris showed that you don't have to have a big ego and big head to win competitions. He is a real sweet heart and talent...if only people would give him a chance. I have never seen such mean and evil things written by 'fans' of another contestant against this young guy with a heart of Gold. They should be ashamed of themselves. They must not be human.