Leighton Meester: What's Her Best Look?

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Leighton Meester certainly experiments more with fashion than her prim and proper Gossip Girl counterpart, Blair Waldorf, who is stylish but conservative.

In real life, the beautiful 23-year-old actress makes a variety of different looks work for her. Of that there is no doubt. But which of the two below is best?

At the recent premiere of Star Trek in Los Angeles, Leighton arrived with blonde highlights, smoky eyes and pale lips. Needless to say, she looked great.

Only a few days later, she tailored her looks to the event and went high fashion at the Met Gala, playing down her eyes and painting her lips glossy red.

Which look do you think worked best for her? Tell us below ...

Leighton Meester Looks

Leighton Meester looks best with ...

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I am not a big fan of extra make-up, so I like the first look.


Definitely blonde highlights! On the right picture she looks a bit like Drew Barrymore and I don't like Barrymore...


Leighton is ALWAYS gorgeous. no matter what hair color or make-up she has on, she surely will stand out from the crowd.


the pics dont compliment her at all!!!! but me knowin how gorgeous she looks anyway i can say she looks better with darker locks but the dress she had with her light hair is fuckin hot!!! i need to pick one up


The girl sure is beautiful but she needs to sleep, look at those hideous bags under her eyes! She needs some rest!


i love leighton :) & i think shes absoloutley gorgeous!
but i liked her with dark hair better :)
she can pull any look off!


the blonde one is very natural i like it like that
the dark curls very nice with the lips too


I really hope she goes back to dark locks to for season three, I really dont think the all over blonde with Dark low lights looks good on her. Makes her looked washed out imo. Much, much better dark.


she's always beautiful but i like her best with blair's s1 hair shade.


leighton looks WAYYY better with darker hair
but i hear she's going back to brunette
when season 3 starts shooting :)
hopefully we'll get her season 1 hair :)

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