Lost Preview: "The Incident"

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The Lost season five finale is just a little over 24 hours away and we know you can't last that long.  That's why we have four sneak peeks at the episode for you.

In this first clip from "The Incident," Jack and Sayid try and figure out how to dismantle the bomb.  Watch below:

[video url="/videos/the-incident-clip-1/" title="The Incident Clip 1"][/video]

In the second clip, a trapped Kate tries to enlist Sawyer's help.  Watch after the jump.

[video url="/videos/the-incident-clip-2/" title="The Incident Clip 2"][/video]

In the third clip, Locke discovers that Ben will do whatever he asks:

[video url="/videos/the-incident-clip-3/" title="The Incident Clip 3"][/video]

In the final clip we have, Jack and Sayid make an attempt to escape from Dharma:

[video url="/videos/the-incident-clip-4/" title="The Incident Clip 4"][/video]

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Um, KMart, if Juliet and Sawyer end up together, then Kate and Jack will end up together, so it's either Juliet and Sawyer, Kate and Jack, or Juliet and Jack, Kate and Sawyer. I think. Now I confused myself.


I just hope, whatever happens, that Juliet and James end up together again somehow, because they're an even better couple that Jack and Kate. Juliet & Sawyer 4 ever! :)


The statue is Hathor, that is the Lost Temple of Hathor the "smoke monster" comes out of, and Jacob and the other dude are immortal Egyptian gods, helping lost sould live forever

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Lost Quotes

Find a suitcase. If there's anything you want in this life, pack it in there, because you're never coming back.

Ben [to Jack]

Why there is a dead Pakistani on my couch?

Hurley's mom