Major Melrose Place Spoiler: The Death of Sydney!

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While a new, supposedly remade Melrose Place returns this fall, rumors are that the new series will be as explosive and twist-filled as the original.

Need an example? We've got a doozy!

According to Entertainment Weekly, Laura Leighton does, in fact, return to the show in the role of Sydney Andrews... but not for long! As previously reported earlier, a body is discovered in the complex's pool within the opening minutes of the series premiere.

And sources confirm to Michael Ausiello that it's Sydney!

Sydney Andrews Photo

But, wait, you might be wondering: isn't that Sydney in the video published on TV Fanatic earlier? And would the series really bring Leighton back, just to kill her character off immediately?

An insider says that Sydney will be seen often, via flashbacks in multiple episodes. These flashbacks will explain where's she's been over the years, including what really happened after she was left for dead more than a decade ago.

Sydney's death will anchor the first season of the show. The event will set in motion a season-long mystery that finds nearly all of the show's principal characters, especially Syd's ex, Michael (the returning Thomas Calabro), a possible suspect.

What do you think of this storyline? It sounds AWESOME to us!

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this is 1 of the worst ideas i have ever heard of. I was lookin forward to this show so much to see sidney be a bitch to every1 the way she usually was and now we gotta c her through flashbacks. That is really one of the worst ideas i ever heard of...i really hope this storyline is not tru..cuz it sucks!


Her death in the original melrose place was enough. It was a poetic end.. this one seems lame. If it's true, I won't bother watching it at all


I am with you Brian! I was totally going to watch this, Syd was my favorite character, but not I won't bother. What a STUPID idea. These producers don't know what they're doing.


It's not a slap in the face. It's not like Sydney was living happily somewhere when the original show ended. She was killed off that one, as well! Why not make her latest death the key plot point of the new season? Sounds like fun and like Leighton will still be featured often all season.


No not awesome. One of the worst ideas I've heard bring back a wonderful actress like Laura Leighton..and Sydney's then have her die all over again. Really stupid, and a slap in the face to old fans of Melrose

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