Shenae Grimes Forecasts Future of Annie Wilson

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Shenae Grimes walked the red carpet at the 2009 CW Network Upfronts at Madison Square Garden last week.

In an interview at the event, the 90210 star was asked to predict where her character might head next season.

Considering that this month's finale featured Annie involved in an apparent hit-and-run, the actress said her character's future will likely be a major departure from her past:

She did a bit of a 180 in the last episode. Annie was good, good, good girl all year long, always smiling and being pushed around by mean kids at Beverly High and finally she put her foot down. I’m excited, I hope she keeps that foot down for a little while and stirs up a little trouble, gets herself into some messes and learn some lessons! That’s what high school is all about.

Shenae Grimes, Upfront

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its good to know shenae wants more challenges for annie so she can have more space to act.....but if she's capable of it is another thing all together. in the finale when she's screaming 'screw you'....i laughed, i didn't think it was very convincing. but who knows, maybe next season the new direction will be WOW


How did EVERYONE seem to miss this major cliffhanger?! As she's driving and looks down at the bottle of vodka, she obviously runs over something. She stops freaked out but starts to drive away as that other car starts to near. As she drives off we see a slumped shape laying on the ground most likely a male student because it's in all a tux. The driver who pulls up in the second car must be a student because they show some kinda West Beverly bumper sticker. Anyway, she obviously ran over Ethan since he's not returning next season.


Umm.. i didn't see her hit anyone! What the hell??? I dont think that they made that scene very clear what was going on cause i had no clue.. :P
&& can't wait for annie's character to stir up trouble because she was starting to annoy me.. :) x


Hearing her talk like that makes me think it was the writers who caused so many viewers to hate Annie and disregard the character as lightweight. I've heard people criticize her acting, which may be fair, but she can only act the lame plotlines she's been given. On the other hand, perhaps you have to establish her as a "good girl" to make the upcoming arc meaningful. Either way, I'll be watching to see her develop.


Wow. I must be slow bc all i saw her hit was a tree, then she drives off and then a car slows down behind her....?
&& she actually looks really nice in this pic.


You better hope that this "breakdown" leads to a more interesting character.


i didn't even see annie hit anything in the finale?? what happened!!!



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