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Citing multiple sources, E! Online reports that T.R. Knight, whose future has been the subject of great debate, will not be returning to Grey's Anatomy next season.

Knight's departure shouldn't come as too much of a shock.

Not only was George flatlining at the end of the season finale earlier this month, but the 36-year-old actor has reportedly wanted off the hit ABC series for some time.

According to reports, tension between T.R. Knight and Grey's Anatomy creator and executive producer Shonda Rhimes became unbearable for both in recent months.

Knight, an original member of the Grey's Anatomy cast, was said to have become increasingly frustrated by his character's lack of storyline and camera face time.

In December, he asked to be let out of his contract.

George in Uniform

Grey's Anatomy insiders say Knight made no secret that he wanted off the show. No word on any future projects for Knight, but he will be free to pursue other things.

Reps for Knight and ABC declined to comment.

Knight's best friend, co-star Katherine Heigl, whose character was also in limbo as the season ended, is supposedly still waiting to learn her fate with Seattle Grace.

Rhimes suppposedly began contemplating an early death for Dr. Isobel "Izzie" Stevens in July after Heigl took herself out of the running for last year's Emmy Awards.

Her reasoning was that the writers failed to give her good enough material to work with, igniting a storm of criticism and speculation that she wanted off the show.

For what it's worth, Entertainment Weekly recently reported that Heigl will submit her name for Emmy consideration this year for her work as cancer-stricken Izzie.

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When i found out george was going to die it annoyed me alot but i focused on just enjoying he episodes i hadnleft of him and i was furious when i noticed he was only a minor character for most of the fifth series... He shouldn have left cause he will never get a job like that again


i find wat is going on wit izzie is a pack of shit,wat d hell she is gettin on wit alot of people will die to be in her position but she is complaining,stop yur shit an let people like you,and for TJ why did u leave you are so stupid i had liked you so much...stuepssssssssss i am pissed


I'm very sorry for the departed George. series will not be as. Sl is the one who brought that energy surplus series, I cried when I saw an enormous amount that he died!


Georgr CANT die.Its so stupid from Shondsa to kill him.With out him Grey's anatomy will never be the same.They already fired Burek,but having george out of the show will be just insane!!!George is one of my favourite characters,he is the model of a decent man,what i always wanted to be.Besides,separating the fantastick 5 would make grey's anatomy a piece of sh***.if george dies,i m done!!!!


What's her face is freakin stupid!!! I hope she never gets another emmy nod or if she does she can just shove it up her ass like her performance in the ugly ugly SUCKED!!! THEY ALL SHOULD BE HAPPY THEY EVEN HAVE JOBS!!!


George is my favourite character in Grey's Anatomy and I will miss him horrifically. It leaves a HUGE, gaping, bleeding hole in my heart. It was such a shock BUT as other people have said The only time they showed a flatline was on Izzie Stevens, so I still hope. Anyway, even if he does die, he will always remain alive to me in my heart. I know that sounds childish but its true. I get sooo attached to the shows I watch that sometimes I 4get that they are not real. So I loved the character George like a brother. I agree with cookie though, as my mother told me, in reality Izzie would most likely die. All I'm saying now is that I hope both characters live, and if George doesnt, I want Izzie to die too. Also I want proof that he is dead by T.R or Shonda. I also agree with TDS- the show will be sooooo depressing if either character dies. I wish that if he does go, he can go in a different way- I mean, george doesn't have to die to leave the show.


Hi Guys - I totally missed something - how did Meridith know it was George? The connection with the 007 - did I miss an episode or what? Please Help!


does this mean that they could bring back Isiah Washington?????????????????????


Im definitely with carolina. I refuse to accept those rummors.. SHONDA, the main reason we all watch this series is because of the FAB 5! If you take out George and Izzie, i believe most of us will stop watching the show. So, pls for the sake of us, think before you come out with your decision! GEORGE 007 ROCKS! love the character and george will always be the heart and soul of the group!!!


i think mark will fix George face i.e another actor insted of T. R. Knight and Katherine Heigl, will die and leave greys anatomy for good

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