Taylor Momsen Rocks Out, is Pretty Reckless

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Many actors who venture into music experience catastrophic results.

Will this week's debut of Pretty Reckless, a band fronted by none other than Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen, fall into that category? Or can she actually rock?

Playing at the Annex, a club in NYC's Lower East Side, before a small army of girls at who probably should've been home much earlier on a school night - much like Momsen's GG character, Jenny Humphrey - the 15-year-old took the stage.

Here's a clip of Taylor singing below ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/taylor-momsen-rocks/" title="Taylor Momsen Rocks!"] [/video]

Follow the jump for two more videos of Taylor Momsen fronting the band Pretty Reckless and channeling her inner Courtney Love ... minus hard drugs of course:

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/pretty-reckless-featuring-taylor-momsen-zombie/" title="Pretty Reckless (featuring Taylor Momsen): Zombie"] [/video]

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/pretty-reckless-featuring-taylor-momsen-i-really-fkin-love-you/" title="Pretty Reckless (featuring Taylor Momsen): I Really F**kin' Love You"] [/video]

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WoW tayor is awesome i never new that she could sing that amazing !! I LOVE it
at first i didnt like her in gossip girl. Idk i just didnt like how she looked in season 1 of GG but season 2 dhe is freaking amazing!♥


I like it, but I guess it really depends on what style of music you like. But all things aside with gossip girl and her character, i think she is pretty sick. She has a really mature voice for a 15 year old. Plus, i respect her for trying something different than just some other pop song like most kids. rock on taylor. :)


Ive been hearing that taylor sings now. Was kinda looking forward to hearing her sing but that was a shocker...really sucked big time! btw she should keep to her 15 yr old image


not good


just to correct a spelling mistake in my previous comment: try's should be tries :)

Blair cornelia archibald

dear god. The only excuse for that is being high... and her dancing was too hideous for her to be high.


People need to stop comparing her to Courtney Love. TM is a cheap rip off at best. While CL was a cracked out bitch, she was a talented cracked out bitch. She did not try and imitate an image, she invented her own image. That's what made CL so incredible (a guilty pleasure in fact). TM try's to merely pull off a style and the music that she attempts to perform is a reflection of a lifestyle that addressed important issues during it's time and managed to pump out some of the greatest artists of our time (Nirvana anyone?) I'm tired of TM always saying she has her own style and she wants to be unique, yet she is obvs. copying herself off of the 90's grunge style. She is not unique and her attempts at modeling herself after the former Mrs. Cobain is pathetic. Sorry Taylor, your "punk" band is "bubblegum" at best.


she does NOT look 15!! the singer/actress/model combo is getting old..stick 2 your day job taylor


hmm, i can't say im crazy about it, she sounds like she's straining her voice trying to be 'rock', and most of it's just talking in time to a tune..idk is that's the writer's problem or hers.
and lol much at the dancing. maybe it's just not my style but she doesn't seem to have stand out talent that makes her a singer.


she's not half bad! It's the whole 80s vibe with the scratchy voice and lyrics. Cool.


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