The Unusuals: Canceled!

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While fans of Chuck and Dollhouse are celebrating unexpected renewals, the same cannot be said for viewers of The Unusuals.

In a recent Twitter post, series creator Noah Hawley confirmed the show's cancelation:

"Friends, just heard The Unusuals will not be back for a second season. Thanks for all your amazing support. Last [four] episodes start May 27."

The Unusuals Cast

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i just started watching this on Amazon and was upset when i ent looking for session 2 wow this is good i cant beleave they cut this :(


Jeremy Renner, Jeremy Renner, Jeremy Renner, Jeremy Renner, Jeremy Renner... Jeremy Renner, Jeremy Renner... HOW COULD THIS NOT BE ENOUGH TO KEEP A SHOW GOIN'? SERIOUSLY!?


I am SOOOOO UPSET that this show was cancelled!!! What are they thinking??
Please, whoever you are, reconsider and bring back this creative, funny, entertaining, dramatic show!


The Unusuals Quotes

This is how it works. You pass the badges down until it kills you.

Jason Walsh

We go through people's trash, look for clues, clean up their mess