Ugly Betty Recap: "Rabbit Test"

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Ugly Betty finally returned last night and actually featured one of our favorite, most under-utilized characters -- Christina!  Despite Ashley Jensen leaving the show after this season, we're still thrilled to get whatever screen time we can with her.

Christina was part of the subplot where Wilhelmina begins to suspect that her baby might actually be Christina's!  Meanwhile, in the main plot, Betty snuck Daniel into a party to meet Calvin Hartley to beg for some bailout money... in a rabbit suit.

Daniel in a Bunny Suit

Find out if he succeeded and just who's baby is it in our "Rabbit Test" recap.

Here's some of our favorite Ugly Betty quotes from the episode:

Daniel: Everyone's staring at me
Betty: That's because you're supposed to be a waiter and you're standing around in a $10,000 Prada suit eating cookies
Daniel: It's two years old! | permalink
Betty [about Wilhelmina's baby]: You're so good with him
Christina: Who knew? I thought my only maternal instinct was nursing a bottle of whiskey | permalink
Amanda: Apparently anything leased or considered non-essential has to go
Delivery Guy: I'm looking for Betty Suarez
Marc: Do you need any help loading her on to the truck? | permalink

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Hooray for the return of Ugly Betty. I thought “Rabbit Test� was a great episode, and I’m curious as to whether this sets up Christina’s exit, or perhaps some more future drama between Christina and Willi. Either way, it was quite entertaining and im excited for next week. I also loved that they used the song “Before It Gets Better� by Earlimart during the ending montage…great song that fit the mood and really makes you empathize with Christina...I love that line, "it's a death trap" - fit so well.


Ugly Betty Quotes

There's the drunk I remember!


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