Will Debbie Gibson Go Dancing With the Stars?

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Thank goodness for Twitter! Without this asinine technological wonder, how would we ever know that a former pop icon wants to appear on Dancing with the Stars?

Last week, Debbie Gibson turned to her Twitter page to express an interest in joining the reality competition. She thanked her supporters for starting a petition to get her on the show.

"To Ashley who started DWTS petition! Thank u!" Gibson wrote. "Let's get crrrazy 1s of peeps to sign and then I'll make them aware : )"

In a latter Tweet, Gibson wrote that some people inside the Dancing with the Stars camp also want her to shake her booty on the series.

"Most of the team there wants me - 1 or 2 people are putting up a roadblock n [sic] every season my name's in the ring."

Think Gibson would make a good addition to the cast?

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Ah ha so this is Debbie Gibson. She is stunning so lets get her on Dancing for the eye candy!!!!!!


This girl is the all rounder who can do everything. Lets get Debs back on mainstream tv as I can get to see her in the UK C


Do I "think" she would? Are you kidding me? The world needs Debbie Gibson on Dancing like mornings need sunshine! Anyone who cares at all, please sign my petition to make as many petitions as possible to get her on Dancing! Thank you for your support,
Oyez "Oyez We Can!"