Zachary Quinto: Not Leaving Heroes

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It's the most frequently-asked question by viewers of Heroes these days:

Based on how the season ended, with Sylar being brain-washed to believe he's Nathan, where does this leave Zachary Quinto?

Still very much on the show, E! Online assures us. The site's latest spoiler column reads: Sylar is present in "a very Fight Club-esque way."

Anyone that has seen this Brad Pitt/Edward Norton movie can easily understand what that means. Anyone that has not... go update your Netflix queue!

He is Sylar

E! also reports that there will be more deaths next season, while a few favorite characters may be resurrected in the process.

Sigh. Really? Isn't it better to give certain Heroes a dignified, heroic death, as opposed to constantly bringing everyone back and stretching out their storylines to the point of exhaustion?

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Actually my guess is that Nikki/Jessica comes back... And ZQ (Zachary Quinto) better be in the next season... he is the hottest guy on the planet.


It is impossible for Adam or Elle to come back, I would love that but it wouldn't work. Elle had her powers taken away, you can't come back from that without any power-giving-syrum-stuff or a person with the power to turn on turned off powers (Baby Touch-and-Go is a possibility (If he wants Elle back). With Adam it would never work, when Mr. Petrelli took his powers he turned to ash, thus no way to turn the powers back on and have him regenerate (no brain), and having a brain is necessary in this process is necessary, as Sylar so clearly showed when he took Claire's power.


Adam was my favorite character. I lost hope on him returning but now it's back! It'd be awesome for him to return. I'm not sure how he would fit into everything now though. He was never truly involved with the other heroes like Sylar or Mr. Petrelli were. I think they would make him into a hero (which would be a tragedy) as they seemed to destroy his villainous traits in season 3. Let's hope it his him though, as I love his quirky accent and his manipulating evilness.


Bring back Adam!!!!! Or Mr. Petrelli could work.


Elle and Adam? Hell yeah 100% agree with you there, i wonder how many fans would come back if they found away to bring them back. Why is that they always get rid of the best characters? I was a huge fan of Syelle, and Adam Hes the one that started the whole company in the first place.


yo nick, tracys not dead. =D ice melts amirite?? when she shattered, she melted and went into the sewage, thus 'magical water girl' drowning people via faucet. lol


I agree. Elle and Adam would definately be the two most popular characters to return. Let's hope they don't mis-use the characters like they did with Adam's previous return. What a waste!


No way do we see Elle or Adam, as much as I would love to see it. I bet that is referring to Tracy who many thought could be dead. I wonder who else could come back to life? maybe Claire's bio mom?


It all depends who comes back. I think it'd be great if Elle or Adam came back.

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