90210 Season Two Trailer: Very Adrianna!

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For most of season one of 90210, Adrianna was knocked up.

But it looks like the character's sexy side returns in season two. How do we know? Because the fall will be Very Adrianna!

Watch the video below and you'll see what we mean:

[video url="/videos/adrianna-trailer/" title="Adrianna Trailer"] [/video]

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I hate that they make her look like a total slut when in reality it was just the drugs... She's totally different now!


Don't really understand the relevance - all those clips are from season 1, so how do you 'know' that her sexy side is returning?


looove Adrianna and Navid. Best couple in 9o21o. :DD she's actually my fave character. She and Silver.


Apart from the fact that those are all S1 clips, that's a pretty awesome promo!!!


omg i hope adrianna doesnt cheat on navid , thats my bud


err...not to quibble, but aren't those all season 1 clips?

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