Caroline Manzo Speaks on Danielle Staub's Shady Past

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On last night's installment of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Caroline and Dina Manzo were informed by Bravo of discovered a bombshell:

Castmate Danielle Staub was featured in the 1995 memoir, Cop Without a Badge. 

The book details Staub's arrest for extortion, while also going into her past of drugs and stripping. Danielle hasn't really denied the allegations.

So, is this just the beginning of the drama? Of course not. There are more ratings to be garnered.

“There’s more to come,” Caroline Manzo said to People this week. “Buckle up.”

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Here's what else she had to say about it all:

How did you find the book?
This is something that literally fell into our laps. We had no reason to believe that Danielle was somebody other than [who] she represented herself to be. And my niece did tell us about it. When something this explosive falls into your lap, for anyone to just dismiss it would be foolish. It’s beyond catty gossip. There are a lot of facets to this story that can affect us in a negative way.

What do you mean by that? Were you concerned with your reputation if you associated with her?
I don’t care about reputation. What happened in the past is her business. I certainly don’t judge anybody. It was a safety concern. Nothing more.

You mean you don’t trust Danielle around young children?
Who would? Come on, let’s think about it: Would you put your child in a situation like that? Until we know the truth, you have to just act reasonably.

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since this reality show has started--the fight between danielle & the rest of the cast is the story line---i really think enough is enough--if the writers cant come up with something better--go on to different people or stop this show! a 5 yr old could come up with a better story line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I found the gang up session and Teresa's tipping of the table to be in poor taste (Teresa, you wouldn't be doing that in my neck of the woods because, here, the Italian running in our veins would've made us knock you right out for acting like such a disgrace at dinner). These women do not have manners. They did not act classy. Caroline is indeed a bully, and she thrived on the juicy gossip that Bravo lapped up for the ratings. She cited "safety concerns" - good grief! That is utterly ridiculous. I saw how she seemed to garner pleasure from the henpecking on Danielle at the dinner, and although Danielle's past is salacious and jaw-dropping, she handled herself with dignity and class. She has them beat on that. I was so turned off by Dina, who hid behind her chubby rottweiler of a sister, Caroline, denying everything but knowing full well that she did indeed act like the troublemaker, and I applaud Jacqueline in showing her strength of character to go with what she felt was right even if that meant not siding with her unclassy inlaws.


Caroline is forever talking about her Italian heritage, who the xxoo cares. It is not only the Mafia people who love their children and families, give us a break, she talks like a person from the sopranos and she certainly is a bully along with her liar of a sister (Dina) and notice they never pick on anyone unless they are together.


I don't believe Dina or Caroline are bully's, I think that Danielle was way too needy rubbed the girls the wrong way and when they did not befriend her she embarked upon a smear campaign and she couldn't/wouldn't let it go so the girls fought back. Who knew they had bigger guns i.e. the book. Theresa is feisty, funny and I think she would be a real hoot to hang out with. Ms Jacqueline pissed me for siding with Danielle even if all this drama is true she should have just kept her mouth shut, never throw a family member under the bus


Caroline Manzo is a bully! She is without a doubt the saddest character of the New Jersey House wife’s. Her manipulative behavior screams volumes about her lack of etiquette and social standing. Some folks are just turned bad! Why on earth would you state to your sister in-law her truthful behvior would be hurtful to your parents. What a tacky wicked person!


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