Coming to 90210: A Teddy for Silver

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Sorry, Dixon and Silver fans. Things are not looking good for this formerly adorable couple.

While the friend that kissed her (Ethan) on the 90210 season finale is gone from West Beverly, reports indicate that Silver is about to return to her feisty ways; this will include a romance with the new character of Teddy.

According to TV Guide, Annie and Naomi will initially volley for the tennis stud's attention, but neither gal will win his heart. Look for Teddy and Silver to hook up, leaving Dixon with only his prom king crown to keep him warm at night.

A Screw Loose

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Yes Trevor is dang hot boy


OMG it's Trevor Donovan and he is so freaking HOT i can't take it. so excited


Yeah I'm dixon/silver fan also, I mean they gave the couple so much depht, but I did want them to date other people, silver perhaps ethan and Dixon the girl ethan hit with his car or someone new.


I prefer if they let Ethan back. They look good together. But I too am a Dixon fan. But why not try for another romance with a new guy. Whatever Silver has in her love life? I will just see what happens.


I hope dixon found another girl too and I want to see him upset against her! but I stay a dixon/silver fan!!!

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.