Daniel Eric Gold: Ugly Betty Series Regular

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The Ugly Betty season three finale certainly set things up for Daniel Eric Gold's Matt to return on the show, considering his father put him in charge of Mode.

It looks like Daniel Eric Gold will not only appear next season, but has been promoted to full-on series regular for season four.  So, does that mean things will be good for television's most boring couple, Mette?

Matt Asks Betty to Move In

Betty producers are supposedly casting a lovable and blue collarish love interest for Betty that will get in the way of the couple.  Hmm, didn't we already see this before? 

Oh yeah, Gio.

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Well, I actually feel that Matt is the best boyfriend for Betty. I mean come on...he's just so sweet and silly at times...cute right?


I like matt and betty.A different ending~


I LOVED Gio!! I think he was the best guy for Betty. They definitely should bring him back. I think his character was so cute for Betty and his dedication to her was different. Yes Matt is good - maybe I like him because he's the billionaire boyfriend but I have a feeling they'll prolong their break-up just a bit more. OR maybe really have Matt & Amanda get together so Amanda can finally have her Millionaire/billionaire guy and someone understanding?


I'm really not in favor of yet another love triangle.


I like matt and betty, hated betty and henry they were so annoying. Matt and Betty were so cute. But if matt and Betty are going to turn into another Henry and Betty situation in a sense than that is ridiculious.




"Betty producers are supposedly casting a lovable and blue collarish love interest for Betty that will get in the way of the couple. Hmm, didn't we already see this before? Oh yeah, Gio." EXACTLY!!! wow how stupid can Ub producers get!Matt and Betty are so boring! If they stay a couple I don't think I have neough patience to watch the show anymore. I miss Gio so much.

Beatrice b

So much word!! Matt and Betty: they are so boring to watch!!!
And for some weird reason Silvio Horta, ABC and their crew of writers thought it was a wonderful idea to keep feeding it to us next season. This show is doomed!!! People loved Gio Rossi as it was portrayed by Freddy Rodriguez... we hated the love triangle? we hate the fact that Betty can't focus in anything yet and has yet a 6th guy to come and fall in love with her. Can someone tell me what on Earth are thinking?! And why can't they kick Matt out of the show and bring back the real Gio to stay... not to become an "obstacle". Why can't they Rodriguez a regular? Why are they still hiring cheap actors and creating mediocre characters? Did all the good writers/producers got fired back in the writer's strike of 2007-08? ... this is frustrating.

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