Desperate Housewives Spoilers: Lynette's Pregnancy

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With Lynette being reluctantly pregnant on Desperate Housewives, what do you think the devilish Marc Cherry has planned for her?

Well, the Housewives creator has said in the past that a mother losing a child would be a great storyline for the show. Therefore, Mickey O'Connor of TV Guide, has a theory that Cherry will have Lynette suddenly decide she wants to have the kid... only to then have a miscarriage.

Felicity Huffman as Lynette Scavo

What do you think, is a miscarriage too morbid for Desperate Housewives?

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    i thought that it was just julies dad who died, i didnt know that it was also edie. I cant belive lynette loses one of her twins bless her and no offence but why are gabbie and carlos kids fat i though they would come ou adorable sine she is really pretty.


    I'm pretty sure Orsen doesn't die, it's Karl that dies, he was let go by Cherry at end of filming for this season. I have a strange inkling that either one or both of Lynette's babies will be miscarried in the path of saving Celia from the plane.


    Lynette is going to lose the babies after the plane crash while saving Gaby's daughter and Orson will die in the crash too. This season has been better than the last two BUT I agree, I'm tired of the new families moving on the block w/ secrets. That's getting REALLY OLD!


    I completely agree with Julien, Season three was poor but four was brilliant and really got back up there in the ratings etc Season five was so slow and boring, and the main story/mystery with Edie's new husband Dave wasn't that interesting... and the season 6 premiere episode was a bit dull, the repeating of a new family moving to a street with a secret is getting a bit predictable and old... they need something really fresh... also the 5 month gap seems to have changed and I'm sure Mike was stood on the other side of the bride at the wedding in the season five finale!


    Lynette announced they are having twins and that she was six weeks pregnant. I reckon that Marc Cherry is gonna make Lynette have a miscarriage, but, she finds that she is not only still pregnant after the miscarriage, but is still carrying octuplets!


    i think the kid might die right after childbirth, it would be dramatic, we wouldnt get to know the baby so we wouldnt be missing it too much, lynette would take a really dark path, and there it goes for 3 more seasons
    this season finale showed how low quality is becoming desperate housewives' synonim. im an absolute fan of the show, but season 5 has been a huge let down:they killed edie off, adam completely disappeared, no sign of kayla, the 5 years jump was crap, the fire was shit, the finale was predictable, god why oh why did it turn out to be this average? season 4 was breath taking, im afraid that was the best that desperate housewives could aim to


    But the pregnancy is like 5 months right??

    How will she lose it?


    And don't forget that Gabby already had a Miscarriage in Season Two after she had decided she wanted to have a baby after all!


    The show started off with a suicide so there's no such thing as "too morbid" for Desperate Housewives!

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