Dominic Monaghan to Join Cast of ABC Series ... Grey's?

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Dominic Monaghan is appearing in ABC's new promo campaign, but according to EW, it has nothing whatsoever to do with Charlie Pace being resurrected on Lost.

But that's what the network wants folks to think.

Why? Because they're trying to keep under wraps the real reason he was playing table soccer with Patrick Dempsey, Courteney Cox, and Ed O'Neill in that clip.

Monaghan is featured in that spot because rather than coming back to Lost, where he starred for three seasons, he's actually joining the cast of another hour-long ABC drama series as a full-time regular. And ABC wants it to be a surprise.

A big surprise.

Dominic Monaghan
Poor Bambi

Our question: Why on earth wouldn't ABC want people to know which of its shows' casts would be augmented by Dominic Monaghan, a popular actor from Lost, and also the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the summer blockbuster X-Men Origins: Wolverine?

  • Could it be because the show Monaghan is joining is none other than Grey's Anatomy, and making the announcement could spoil the show's summer cliffhanger?
  • Could Monaghan be taking over the role of George O'Malley from T.R. Knight, or playing a new character altogether that ABC nonetheless wants to keep secret?

We have no evidence to suggest this is actually happening other than what you just read above. It's just a rumor, and we are just throwing that out there. Thoughts?

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I am really a huge fan of Grey's..and been following it from the very start to the end..and waiting to the next season...and love everyone, especially please,please..dont let george leave Grey's...and Dominic Monaghan is not suitable in Grey's, he's not as funny as Goerge..


I know. If our TR wants to leave, why don't they just ship off George to recuperate at another hospital? That way if TR changes his mind, he can come back. Another George would be as inacceptable as killing George. I want an alive George played by TR Knight. So Shonda and writers, make it happen, or I won't watch anymore.


I dont think so i would be so disappointed to find out that t.r knight is not going to be george o'malley anymore. You cant replace someone after 5 seasons people get use to seeing him he is our george and i really would consider no longer watching greys anatomy if they did that if you wanna get rid of tr knight they should just kill off his character!!!!! This is crap!!!


one. no one on gods green freakin earth could EVER take the place of george. that dumbass that thinks he can just walk right in and decide to take the place of george just because he died. no. george will always be the same old sweet nice sooo cute george... it freakin sucks he even died anyways. and theres no wayyyyy this carrot top will be the new george.
i swear if they make this douche bag the new george i will NEVER watch greys EVER.


omg i frigging love DOMINIC MONAGHAN!!! i hope the rumors are true!!


I agree so much with Lili. Why don't they get rid of boooring Lexie and annoying Arizona and write for George instead. You know, a character that is part of the fab 5 and that we love.


and pleasssssssse grey's is already crowded with boring and stupid charactors like lexie...and her bbbbboooooooring storylines...why can't they get rid of her and try to write for george ...he can have so much more and he deserves it...and i agree with someone who posted that izzie doesnt have much more left to play...although i lovvvvee KH and her character and i dont want her to die...but destroying the main 5 regulars like george and izzie is going to hurt so many people and makes shonda lose a huge group of fans!
it's a mistake!


i love dominic,he was great in lost but it will be a better surprise if he comes back to lost that'll make me'll be cool though to have him on grey's BUT NOT PLAYING GEORGE!...common ...thats just stupid...what will they do about the voice differences along with many other diffrences between dominic and not optimistic on T.R coming back the next season:(((....but having someone else playing his role is more horrible!!!!!!!


Hate to tell Torri Liana, but Kevin McKidd (Dr Owen Hunt) is British, a Scot infact.


Why would you put a rumor so upsetting to the George fans without any foundation to it? Haven't we been through enough the entire season? Thanks anuflas for showing this rumor isn't true.

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