Ed Westwick: GQ Fall Fashion Model

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On the first-ever episode of Gossip Girl, Ed Westwick’s character, Chuck Bass, bookended a pair of date-rape scenes with a weed reference and the memorable zinger delivered to the show’s principal, Serena van der Woodsen:

“Your life is over, slut!”

“Villain is such a harsh word,” Westwick tells GQ from a hotel in Washington, D.C., where he has just attended the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

It’s hard to imagine what Westwick, a recently minted 22-year-old TV antagonist from England, was doing pressing the flesh with Beltway muckrackers.

But Ed, who looks like Jude Law crossed with a pre-meltdown Joaquin Phoenix, assures, in his assured British way, that “everyone who is anyone was there.”

Laid Back EW

If that makes Ed sound like a bit of a dick, surrender now - it’s part of his appeal. Just ask Gossip Girl’s freakishly wide-ranging demographic of religious watchers.

Many fans are as riveted by the incestuous nature of the cast as the show itself. Ed Westwick dates co-star Jessica Szohr and is roommates with Chace Crawford.

When pushed to dish, Westwick minimizes the thin line between work and play, and fair enough. You’d date a co-worker if she looked like Jessica Szohr.

In the magazine's preview of the fashion that will help you weather the fall months ahead (odd as that may seem now, in June), Ed Westwick reaches for some classic pieces that embrace timeless style and construction.

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Hot Westwick Pic
Ed: GQ Model
What a Stud
No Words
Fall Style Icon

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The thing that literally makes me not attracted to Chuck's appearance is his God-awful head-of-gel! If they did his hair like this, or even just messy, it would look so much betterrrr.


Good Lord... I just died and went to heaven... and I died VERY happy after seeing these pictures. Ed is F-ing hot, he's NEVER looked better, this needs to be his season 3 hair it's such a good look on him, and these pictures SCREAM Chuck Bass. So hot.


About the Teen Choice Award 09, I hope everyone to vote for ED and chace,I really love chuck and nate,and chace is ed's best friend, I wish both of them can win !
Everyone knows Dan is annoying ,chuck should be the leading actor rather than dan! Please vote for our prince and princess,Especially ED and chace ! www.teenchoiceawards.com.


He is ridiculously hot.


Four words, ten letters: he is so sexy!


OMG he is insanely sexy! Between these pics and his portraits from the Young Hollywood awards (in which, btw, he sports a beautiful smile) how can anyone possibly say "I don't know what you see in him"!?


PERFECTION! Ed is an absolute hunk!


Whoa.. must. stop. drooling
he's so gorgeousss!


TOTALLY HOT! I love the magazine's comment "Jude Law crossed with a pre-psycho Joaquin Phoenix". Plus, "Johnny Depp crossed with an On-The-Waterfront Marlon Brando", imo. Go, Eddie!!!


OMG he is so damn HOT! Great stile!

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