Gossip Girl Casting Call Info For Upcoming Episodes

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Sources close to the Gossip Girl set have sent us the following information on some of the new characters being cast in early Season Three episodes of the show.

The new season is already in the process of being filmed (as we know from the set photos posted earlier today and yesterday), and this offers a little insight on it.

We can't verify the accuracy of the info below, or that these characters won't be changed or edited out in post-production, but our sources are usually pretty accurate.

Follow the jump to take a look at some of the new people we might meet on Gossip Girl come September, and share your comments with us on any or all of them!

Gossip Girl is in the process of casting these new characters...
  • "Katie" ... Late teens / early 20s, open ethnicity. A cute sophomore. She recognizes Dan’s name from his New Yorker piece, and invites Dan to join a student writing group. Four scenes (three speaking). Possible recurring role.
  • "Amalia" ... Late teens / early 20s, open ethnicity. A freshman eager to climb the social ranks, Amalia tries hard to impress Blair Waldorf and is an attendee at Blair’s first dorm party. Two scenes. Possible recurring role.

As well as these minor roles ...

  • "Reporter" ... Late 20s / early 30s, open ethnicity. He interviews Chuck in his suite and asks him about his plans for the future. One scene.
  • "Tyler Fank" ... 40s. Open ethnicity. An upscale businessman who meets with Chuck to review his prospectus for a new venture. One large scene.
  • "Driver" ... 30s, open ethnicity. Driving Serena to Brown. One scene, one line.
  • "Dorm Room Girl" ... Late teens / early 20s, open ethnicity. One of the girls moving into the dorm, clearly not from the same world as Blair. One line.
  • "Unnamed Guy" ... Late teens / early 20s, open ethnicity. A student at college who passes by Dan at a popular hangout. One line.
  • "Unnamed Guys" ... Males, late teens / early 20s, open ethnicity. Two "indie" guys at a college party, debating the merits of a popular sci-fi program.

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I would loveee doing this. It sucks because I'm only 14 though. I guess that's not old enough. I would've loved trying out for Amalia :)


Interesting... seems the writers of Gossip Girl aren't big on creating more imaginative names than Kati/Katie and Amelia/Amalia.


where is the casting call? i would love to audition for the role of amalia!


I would love to audition for the part of Katie. I'm not big on acting but I may kill for that role!!! I need to know when and where!


My mom totally agreed to take me to the auditions from North Carolina!!!! If only I knew when and where they're gonna be


but amelia was like in her late 20's.....she wouldn't be a freshh


i would love to try out please tell me someone has information as to how to do this?


I expect at least some cute, fluffy comment from Chuck on Blair in his interview!
Plans for the future: marrying a short brunette =D
(not going to happen, at least yet, but a girl can dream)

Whale sweater

i know this is super dorky, but i wonder if/hope the sci fi series they are discussing is battlestar galactica! one of my other favorite shows!


Katie and Amalia are the new minions? Remember there was a Katie alreadey (Kati Farkas) and an Amalia (the girl who seduces C at 1x18)

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