Gossip Girl: Season Three Promotional Poster

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Is it August 31 yet? Below is a promotional poster from the CW, hyping the third season of Gossip Girl, featuring what's gotta be the hottest cast on TV.

Here's Jessica Szohr (V), Chace Crawford (N), Leighton Meester (B), Ed Westwick (C), Blake Lively (S), Penn Badgley (D) and Taylor Momsen (J) ...

Gossip Girl Cast: Season 3 Poster

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why do they have to ruin the photo and put vanessa in it? LOL


This is an old poster. Do you remember back last summer? When the "OMG" posters leaked? They leak very late in the summer. We are probably only going to get new proffesional scandalous promotional posters after August. They wait a while to give out all the spoilers and the goodies, they only usually come out middle to late August.


aren't these from old photoshoots?
anyway, could have been better.


i have to admit this is horrible i always admired the cw for their creative promos and posters but this is ugly season 1 all over again i really dont like it


Aww blake looks amazing imo. Ethereal.

Vanessa fun

nate and vanessa.jenny with ...i dont know..blair and ch,D AND S...MY COUPLES!


I think I have seen most of those pictures twice! Probably fan-made...


Couldn't agree more about it being an average pic...if they were trying to achieve an amateurish attempt at sticking individual photos of the cast, well, they certainly achieved it.
Hope more effort goes into the actual 3rd season of gg.


Just try to imagine Blair Waldorf a... Blonde! Haha as if. Leighton should just know that she's so much more attractive brunette, quit trying to lighten her hair! I agree with a comment that was posted earlier, Taylor's trashy new look makes it very hard to market them as a whole, she'd stick out too much. And that photo is completely photo shopped. Meh, whatever, I think they all look hot, especially Ed Westwick. He's not really all that attractive naturally but his suave personality does something to his look that just makes you want to swoon. It's like how it's the opposite for Chace Crawford. Nothing against Chace, he's a perfect Nate, but I'm a Chuck fan. :)


oviously producers couldnt bother with a new photoshoot so all they did was use some old photos that wasnt leak yet and post them on this promo
(Taylor/Ed hair is like from Season 1...the oviously havent bother taking new pictures)


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