Gossip Girl Spinoff Still Alive For Mid-Season Pickup?

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It looks like the Gossip Girl spinoff may not be dead just yet.

It did not make the CW's fall roster - The Vampire Diaries, Melrose Place and The Beautiful Life won the three coveted spots for new shows - but it still has some fans among the network's brass, and may just be given a mid-season shot.

Here's this note from TV Guide's spoiler Q&A today, which is actually a response to an inquiry about another CW pilot that did not make the fall cut, Body Politic:

Q: Is there a shot for the CW to pick up Body Politic as a midseason replacement? From the sneak peeks I've seen, it looks like it's got lots of promise!

A: My CW mole tells me that the Beltway drama is still in the running for a midseason slot, but that it's up against the Gossip Girl spinoff (starring Brittany Snow), which has a few high-ranking supporters in the building.

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I Loved the GG Spin off - Go valley girls

Charlotte waldorf

"Body Politic" is waaaay better than that Spin off!


I prefer more the usual gossip girl than the spin off.


err...the only thing i wanna know is HOW lily fell in love with...the van der woodsen daddy, since he was an a-hole in Valley Girls, but...i'll probably check it out or something. IF IT'S ANOTHER NEW SHOW...and IF THERE IS A BLAIR AND CHUCK LOOK ALIKE/ACT ALIKE IN THE SHOW, like lily's friends have a blair and chuck twin or sumthing. lol.


Oh God, I hope it doesn't get picked up. It sucked!

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Blair: I'm Audrey. I'm Audrey!

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