Gossip Girl Spoilers: Derena's Future

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After breaking up twice (or three times ... does anyone even remember how many times?) do Season 1 lovebirds Dan and Serena still have a romantic future on Gossip Girl?

Here's what E! Online has to say about that in its spoiler Q&A today, along with the issue of Georgina Sparks and what kinds of trouble she'll be causing come September ...

Q: Any news on Gossip Girl yet? What about Dan and Serena for season three?

A: It's too early to say for sure, but our sources tell us that next year on Gossip Girl does not look like the Year of "Dan Serena Dan Serena whoo!"

At this point it looks like you can expect more of a brother-sister vibe from Dan and Serena (remember, they do share a half-sibling, Scott, played by Chris Riggi), rather than a whole epic love story thing, à la Chuck and Blair.

Serena and Dan Pic

Q: Is Georgina going to be Blair's roommate next season on Gossip Girl?

A: While we know Michelle Trachtenberg is tied to NBC's new medical drama, Mercy, she will be causing some trouble for Blair. Leighton Meester tells us, "Blair is going to NYU, so she might have some trouble there on her own regardless, but maybe Georgina will be coming in to stir some stuff up. I really like working with her, so it's good."

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The only thing which I care about in GG is Derena. Dan and serena's relationship is real and sweet. there's too much chemistry and spark.
You know, when Serena is with Dan, we always see her laughing and smiling. After 2X17, God, how sad Serena is. I even miss her smile for long time.
For SERENATE ?? just ignore it ! they look like a real good friend, but definitely not a couple! Seriously, how many people think people will fall in love just because they have good-looking or similar color hair?


who cares about chuck and blair epic love story? it is not even epic.... yuck! Dan and serena's relationship is real. there's too much chemistry. Atleast the writers put them apart a little while, and be the end game after s3 maybe. even when they are apart, you can see the chemistry between them. it's amazing. they want to be together but they know they cant be together now. i totally agree wat were the writers thinking they have too much chemistry to just be like "oh we HAVE A STEPRO, WE CANT BE TOGETHER!" YEAH IGHT DAN AND SERENA CAN NEVA BE APART, AND THE WRITERS know this thats why they try to make chair seem like the #1 couple when we know he's gonna cheat on her




Dan and Serena are the best couple in GG !! Nate and Serena, please !! They have no chemistry at all !! They would just be pretty faces together !! I mean he may like her but she will never feel real love for him !! Not like DS !! The writers really are starting to mess everything up !!


no darena!..yes!..looking forward to season 3.. :D


thank god..


i luv gossip girl!! i always said that in forums about how nate and serena would be a abercrombie shopping bag haha! it is so true! i mean i guess i could stomach it for awhile, nate and serena, but, i really will be disgusted.


Dan and Serena had such huge potential when the show started. They seemed to have nothing in common and yet they fell for each other. This alone could have led to a great, epic love story. It's really beyond me how the writers did such a lousy job and managed to destroy them as a couple. Sharing a sibling? Pleeease....
It's no wonder why the vast majority of viewers turned to Chuck and Blair and stopped caring about DS. I keep my fingers crossed for the future of Chair 'cos I don't trust the writers at all.


I don't care about DS at all. As long as we get a lot of Chair screen time and interesting storylines, I'm ok with the show!


"If you all think Chair is the core reason for all of GG's viewers well watch it decline in season 3 if D&S don't truly get back together. I can't stomach a bro-sis after all we've been through with them in season 1 and 2.. and a half.. Why, writers, why?" Totally agree... That brother and sister SL is probably the worst SL in the history of bad SL!!
After some episodes, Chair will be so boring because those two are the characters on the show that are much better when they aren‘t together.
Dan is better with Serena and Serena without Dan is just annoying and she makes me wanna kill her sometimes for being that dumb whilst Blair was much more fun to watch without being in love or whatever you wanna call that with Chuck and Chuck being the playboy and evil character was also better.
However, DS should be some time apart but that doesn‘t mean that you writers should bring Serena and Nate together. It would be quite good for Serena to be alone for some time since after Dan she immediately got new boyfriends who both were stupid idiots but I think that Dan should get a new girlfriend in college... Maybe someone hotter or more intelligent (the second one shouldn‘t be too difficult) that Serena to make her jealous ;-)
And for Nate... tbh I don‘t care about him. So let him be with Vanessa or maybe Jenny or maybe he could become gay or whatever. Btw, someone wrote DS got too much screentime in s2? That‘s simply not true. If someone got way too much screentime it‘s Chair and Rufly because especially Chair already became annoying even before they came together.

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