Greek Spoilers: Jordan's Father Cast

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Looks like things are really shaping up for the Father-Daughter week on ABC Family's Greek.  First none other than Dwayne Wayde was cast as Ashleigh's father.

Now, according to Ausiello Files, Tom Amandes of Everwood fame has been cast as Jordan's father.  Her dad is apparently an ex-jock and an avid sports fan and expects to see his daughter dating a football player.

So how does pops react when he meets her actual nerdy boyfriend, Rusty?  Guess you'll have to wait til the new season returns August 31st.

Tom Amandes
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The actors name is Kadeem Hardison and his characters name on A Different World is Dwayne Wayne not Dwayne Wayde. Please get your facts right.


omg i cant wait! yay greek

Greek Quotes

Rebecca: You are not a ZBZ, you are definitely not our rent boy. They're never gonna see you like that. You're basically one of the girls, except we're pretty and thin.
Dale: You did not just call me fat.
Rebecca: Oh yes I did.
Dale: Well you know what? I can diet, but you will always be ugly on the inside.

I do not go to the gym five times a week for my health!