House Cast Offers Season Six Prognosis

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The sixth season of House commences production next week.

As previously reported, the two-hour premiere (airing on September 21) features Andre Braugher as the mental institution's head doctor, Dr. Nolan. The installment will also be directed by producer Katie Jacobs.

She previously worked with Braugher on the show Gideon's Crossing.

"He played Dr. Gideon, so in thinking about who was going to diagnose the greatest diagnostician there is, I thought who would be better than someone with the authority, gravitas and great skill that Andre Braugher possesses?" Jacobs said to TV Guide Magazine.

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Meanwhile, Lisa Edelstein understands that fans have been "confused" about the season-ending sex scene Cuddy and House shared. But she hopes viewers have faith.

"Some people are disappointed and some people didn't understand it. Everything was real, except he obviously didn't detox and I didn't spend the night with him. When he announced in the hospital that we’d had sex, she thought he was talking about the time we had sex many years before... he wishes he were off drugs and that he could have an intimate relationship with her. And I think she wants that, too."

As for other characters:

  • Producer David Shores admits he neglected Cameron and Chase over the past two seasons, but: "We actually have some very cool stuff coming up for them - not right out of the gate, but pretty early on."
  • There will likely be less of Thirteen initially, though, as Olivia Wilde is shooting Disney's Tron remake.
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