Jessica Szohr Sinks Teeth Into Movie Role

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Making the most of a brief break before Gossip Girl filming for season three begins, the cast members we love are taking time off and embarking on side projects.

Falling into the both categories is Jessica Szohr, who has been spending some QT with her boyfriend (whose identity we all know) and scoring a role in Piranha 3-D.

Szohr is the latest in a series of castings for the film, which has already attracted a respectable troupe of actors including Elisabeth Shue and Richard Dreyfuss.

Jessica Szohr Image

Jessica Szohr will play a local girl who is enjoying spring break in her normally sleepy town, which is overrun by flesh-eating fish. Sounds like a clear winner!

The film is already shooting in Arizona - she was seen there with boyfriend Ed Westwick - and will be released by Dimension Films on March 19 of next year.

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she is really pretty when she doesnt put that stupid fake smile which shows all of your teeth. its ironic when you think about how indeed she is supposed to be a shooting model and not an actor.

Vanessa fun

she is hot.... i am happy for her... come on heaters don't comment if you don't like her... i am so angry with you...she is great. you stupid!


LOL People are so stupid. I don't understand how you can hate a character or an actor that much.


Jessica has a beautiful smile and doesnt have a fake tan for your information.


EW. EW. EW. I hope that she real gets eaten by piranhas in real life. Seriously. I hate seeing her face. :|


EW she looks umm... not pretty... in the pic. maybe because she had an obviously fake tan. she looks like she hadn't bathe in weeks :P


eww she has a creepy/ugly smile....=/


I'm so happy for her and I'm glad she's making it to the theaters...and she's freaking hot!

Blair cornelia archibald

1. Is this serious about "felsh-eating fish" or was it a typo?
2. She's really not pretty in that picture.


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