Joanna Garcia to Play Bree Buckley on Gossip Girl

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And we thought Nate was privileged before.

EW sources confirm that Joanna Garcia, star of The CW's Privileged (which was cancelled, to the surprise of some fans) has booked a four-episode story arc on Gossip Girl as a love interest for Chace Crawford's affluent alter ego, Nate Archibald.

Joanna Garcia will be playing the character of Bree Buckley, an irreverent, slightly evil Miss America-type who hails from a conservative Southern family.

She will first appear in the September 14 season premiere. Any predictions for what this means for Nate? How about the rest of the Gossip Girl gang?

Joanna Garcia

Privileged star Joanna Garcia is coming to Gossip Girl!

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I love Joanna but I thought the character was supposed to be blonde.
Not that she doesn't look great blonde, she does. But I think she can pull it off.


honostly she doesn't need to be blonde...Serienas enough blonde and you always expect the blondes to be either dumb or devious in shows and they make you believe they are good til the get cha...I think the red/brunttte is a great spin...You expect them to be smart sweet,loving, perfect ingrediants to a drama gumbo!!! Because the sweet makes him thinks shes safe and sexy that when she starts to play him its PERFECT!!!! Everyones is used to nice smart her but its a twist cuz maybe this time shes in control and she is gonna use him


i was tinkin more hillarie duff,amanda bynes,hayden penetere......britney just kiding


Yo becca on uckermann..


Um, Hello!?! She's 30! Really? She could be their professor! --Not fooling anyone. Totally disappointed.


This is crazy, who cares who they put on the show, everyone cried and complained that they wanted Chair together and the writers did it, now you have a problem with new people on the show. They have to get new faces because how much can you keep sleeping witht he same people. I mean Dan was with Vanessa, Serena, Georgina and let's now forget Ms Carr, Chuck has been with Georgins,Blair,Vanessa and with everyone else except Serena ( sister), and did try with Jenny, but apologized. Nate was with Blair, Serena, Vanessa, Jenny, who else is left. And the girls, well Blair has already been with Nate and Chuck,and Carter but never Dan, she would not do that to Serena. And Serena has been with Nate, Dan, Aaron, and Carter it seems. They need new people to spice things up, how can a show go on witht he same storylines. As for Chair that are not going anywhere it seems so relax.


i love chuck he has the cooolest eyes i hope him and blair last i wanna see some steamy sectionsss

Meester fan01

new character overload much? Joanna & Hillary? -- Bring back good old season one plz, where things made sense :(


I continues prefering Nair


PENN/DAN WILL GO BS IF DAN ISN'T WITH SERENA/BLAKE AND THE WRITERS KNOW IT. Serena and nate don't have chemistry it was just a fling!!!!!!!
But blair will want whoever wants serena and no one will be happy until blair stops sleeping with everyone. And joanna garcia was the wrong choice. END OF STORY

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