Justin Chambers Wants T.R. Knight to Stay on Grey's Anatomy

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Is he staying? Is he going?

The debate goes on (and on, and on). But you can count Justin Chambers among those who don't want T.R. Knight to leave the cast of Grey's Anatomy.

"T.R. is an amazing actor and I want him to be there as long as I'm on there," said Chambers, who plays Dr. Alex Karev on Grey's Anatomy, to E! Online the other night at the Salvatore Ferragamo benefit for L'Aquila Earthquake victims. "He's wonderful to work with."

Besides, T.R.'s character, Dr. George O'Malley, has so much growing to do.

"That's one of the great things about the show," Justin Chambers said.

"All the characters have so much left to explore. From the beginning of the series, the audience followed these young interns coming into this hospital and now they're residents ... but they still have much more to learn as far as surgery, social skills and manners."

For her part, former Grey's Anatomy guest star Melissa George said she's not convinced that Knight is leaving the show he's been on since its 2005 premiere.

No matter what happens, she said, "He'll go on to bigger and better things."

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Sorry - one more thing. I agree that many characters have committed adultery and one instance isn't better or worse than another. I think that the difference with Gizzie is that the hurt party was a character that viewers knew. We didn't know Addison when Mer/Der started, Addison/Mark happened offscreen before we knew either of them, and we only saw Ava's husband one time. Not excusing all of that, but I do think that is why so many people had a hard time with it.


Kim - I think that I could go through your post line by line and feel the exact opposite LOL! But thats OK, it just means that the show has something for everyone. There is no right or wrong interpretation, it is just how we see things and what characters we prefer. (Although I do like George and love his friendship with Izzie). I can agree on a couple of things: For whatever reason, those characters who are portrayed as the "good" characters (Derek, Izzie, George) don't seem to get as much leeway as the "bad" characters (Alex, Meredith, Cristina) when they mess up. In some instances it is because they have been set up so high (McDreamy) and in some cases its because they don't always take responsibility for their mistakes. I can also agree that Mer/Alex would probably make a more interesting couple than Mer/Derek (and possibly even Alex/Izzie), but we will never see it. I guess I am just drawn more to the darker characters for whatever reason. (This is the first season that I have ever found Derek even remotely interesting, for example). Even when I find Alex to be at his most frustrating and when I don't like his behavior (like at the beginning of this season), I can sort of understand it. I can't excuse it, but I understand it. As far as Shonda and the "haters", I think that Shonda just does pretty much what she wants to do unless the network tells her otherwise. The Denny storyline this season was probably THE most hated storyline in the show's history and yet there he was again in the 100th episode and the finale and I won't be at all surprised to see him in the season premiere. I think that she loves all of the extreme reaction. She even said that even when viewers hate something it shows they care. What she doesn't want is indifference and with this past cliffhanger, that is exactly what I feel.


Me again. I just wanted to add that I do adore Justin. I wish the writers would put more of him in Alex, but I think they have this season. There are moments Alex was really sweet this season, and I have always loved his friendship with Meredith. In fact, don't kill me MerDer fans, but I wouldn't mind those two together. I know it will never happen, but one can dream. I was also a huge huge huge Addisex fan. With Gizzie and Owen and Cristina, they were my favorite couple. I thought they were hot. I love the fact Justin and TR are buddies in real life. They are two classy classy guys.


As for Callie, well, George was drunk when he slept with Izzie. He immediately tried to stay away from Izzie not to hurt Callie. Derek when he left Meredith for Addison, kept having an emotional affair with Meredith and doing his best to hang around her. George so didn't want to hurt Callie, he was ready to leave all his friends and his job to make that happen. To me on the list of affairs, Gizzie is not as bad as the others. Richard cheated on his wife for years. Derek cheated on Addison twice without any guilt, and totally sober. Alex slept with a married Ava, not caring how much ehr sweet husband loved her. George to me was drunk, felt guilty, and had only married Callie because he was half mad with grief over his dad dying. While I love Callie, I think it was wrong of her to take advantage of George and have him elope when his mind was clearly not all there. I'm not excusing George, just saying his infidelity is not as bad as the others, and the others all got excused much more easily somehow. It feels like George is sometimes held up to some kind of impossible pedestal while the others do a lot worse than him and get forgiven. I think if George dies, this will be it for me. I haven,t had much interest in watching since Gizzie broke up. I hate the Izzie Izzie becomes with Alex, self-centered and selfish. I miss the Izzie she is with George, sweet, happy, bubbly, passionate. And George is the one character that doesn't feel like a Harlequin, soap character to me, and definitely the most lovable. It really annoys me that every he makes a little mistake, Shonda puts him through hell, that he can never get a relationship that works because some people think only hot guys deserve love and that now she is rewarding his heroic act by killing him terribly. See another example of Shonda's shock factor love. George could have easily went to the army, but it wouldn't have shocked people as much as killing him. So she sacrificed an amazing character for this shock factor, and deprived all the fans who love him of his presence the whole season. That,s why Shonda is not a good writer. She never thinks long-term.


I don't see it that way. To me, George is the one person Izzie was always the most passionate about. She always acted like George was her entire world. When they kissed in that elevator, I never saw such passion. They were completely lost in each other and the whole world stopped existing for them. I have watched a million kisses, but that one is still the most passionate, the most tender, the most sexy and the most romantic kiss I have ever seen. That kiss to me shows more than anything they were not only completely in love with each other, but that they desired each other body, heart and soul. With Alex, I feel he is a buddy who she finds attractive, and whom she likes. I think she is with Alex, because Alex is safe. She doesn't love him as deeply as she does Denny and George so he can't hurt her. I do think Alex loves her the way she loves Denny and George so she did hurt him that way many times. Her relationship with George hurt Izzie so much. I think she even cried more tears over George than Denny or anyone in her life. The linen closet scene, her crying in her bedroom. Waiting for him at the church. It also brought her the greatest joys in her life. I have never seen her so happy than when she wa with him. I think George also loves Izzie heart and soul. That scene where he was joking about her big mouth and Hannah getting it, I remember Shonda saying that George was so in love with Izzie, he even loved her faults. He knows her completely, and he loves all of her. She feels the same about him. That scene where she tells him she would be honoured to be the new him and she lists exactly why he's so special shows that she sees him and knows him better than anyone. They are about so much more than looks. I don't buy that Shonda wasn't rooting for them. The way she talked about them before she let the backlash get to her makes me believe she wanted them to happen. In fact the poignancy to all their scenes, the beauty in them shows it more than any word could ever do. She never wrote such poignant beautiful scenes with AI even now. TR and Katie played Gizzie as completely and totally in love with each other. This was a heartwrenching love affair. They both suffered from it. I don't think Shonda put them together this way to doom them. I think she wanted Gizzie together, but she also wanted the big shock factor. Shonda always wants the shock factor, and it often ruins many of her stories. I think she thought that MerDer started as an affair, and many couples on this show were based on affairs, and people had no problem with it. She thought people would be angry at first but then they would get to see the beauty of the love story and fall in love with them. And guesss what? It was happening. At the beginning of season 4, a lot of people who used to hate Gizzie for the affair started to see instead only how beautiful they were together and how happy they made each other and were starting to root for them until she pulled the plug on them scared of the critics who kept lying about Gizzie being universally hated, which was far from the truth. In fact the official Grey anatomy magazine themselves said that when Gizzie first started, they got a majority of hate letters but by the time they ended, the majority of the fans seemed to have fallen head over heels for Gizzie and they got more love letters for them than any couple. So those fans were being won over. The remaining haters were in a vast majority Alex and Izzie fans and they would have hated Izzie with absolutely anyone else, married or not. Those were the fans who made the most noise and made threats, and scared Shonda. I am not talking about all the Alex and Izzie fans. Most of them were respectful like you. I am talking about a little group of AI fans who threatened, and spammed polls (they even admitted to spamming that infamous panel against Gizzie) and being so vocal, they scared Shonda. Shonda said those people acted like Gizzie was the atomic crisis or something. Most of the critics sided with those fans, and kept telling Shonda everyone hated Gizzie. I remember Aussiello doing it and telling Shonda that all the time, how he got only hate for Gizzie. I know it was a lie too, because many Gizzie fans talked about the fact they would send Aussiello letters telling they loved Gizzie and he would just ignore those letters. It's only after Gizzie ended that the critics started admitting Gizzie had a lot of fans, and extremely loyal ones at that. By then, Gizzie was done and the damage was irreperable. I think Shonda has learned her lessons that vocal haters are not necessarily the majority, which is why she is now fighting for Mexie, even though they get very vicious hate everywhere. I think it was obvious she was writing Gizzie as a couple in love. They had chemistry, they had major sparks, they had humor, they had romance and they had friendship to booth. They loved, liked and wanted each other. The fact suddenly George kissed like a chicken after the amazing SOBER kiss they shared uin the elevator tells me this was a hastily written story to calm down the haters. If GI had only friendship chemistry, we wouldn't have that super amazingly hot kiss in the elevator, and we wouldn't have seen so much sparks when they were flirting in episode 4.2. That flirtation in the hall, and Izzie looking like she wanted to devour George, had more chemistry to me than any Alex and Izzie's sex scenes. So yeah they did want each other and love each other. I fully believe if Shonda had listened to her heart and if she had realized just how many people loved Gizzie, she would have kept them together and they would have been the ones to get married. Izzie wouldn't have to be on her deathbed for that to happen. Oh and the fact that Izzie spent half of the season making love with a ghost and that she only picked Alex because he was alive and Denny was dead doesn't say much about her feelings for him. Alex was always her very last choice, and I never thought she respected him all that much. She might have had a few moments of meanness with George, but she was downright cruel to Alex many many times. I think, deep down, she treats George a lot better than she does Alex.


Boy it is nice to discuss this stuff without name calling and all that stuff! We will have to all agree to disagree, I guess. Personally, I always thought that Izzie sort of emasculated George and never took him seriously as a man, and that George thought Izzie was hot, but never thought about her the way he did about Meredith, for example. I do believe that Izzie loves George and vice-versa and that in many ways George does know her better than Alex, but I just never saw a real romantic/passionate connection between them. I did see Izzie look at Alex with real love this season. Unfortunately between the hallucination/ghostsex/masturbation sessions and then the cancer, Izzie had quite a bit on her mind. When they got together, I think that they were each looking for something (or to get out of something) and thought that because they had that friend connection that it would be absolutely great (and simple) if they could find that in each other. But in the end, they couldn't because they were just meant to be friends and I felt that they were trying to force something that just wasn't there. Also by safe choice, I meant that Izzie saw George as someone that wouldn't hurt her the way that Alex did. (Of course, he did hurt Callie that way). Lord only knows what is in Shonda's brain, but I do think that if she really meant for George and Izzie to end up together, then she wouldn't have had them start out they way they did. She had to know that many fans weren't going to love George and Izzie hurting Callie. Callie wasn't like Ava's husband or another character getting cheated on, she was a semi-regular character. And even if the George/Callie marriage wasn't the best idea (which I also believe) Callie didn't deserve what she got. So I don't necessarily think that Alex/Izzie fans swayed her one way or the other. Personally, I was so over Izzie at that point that the last person I wanted her with was Alex.


Wow karatemom, that is such a wonderful post. I agree with every words, especially about George keeping Izzie grounded. I know who's to blame for their lack of scenes: Shonda and only Shonda. I want to say I am a Gizzie fan, and mainly a George fan, but I think Alex, Izzie and George are all needed on the show. They all bring so much, and I like the relationship the three have together. I think it's great that people here can respect each other, no matter who they ship. On other boards, people fight so much, it doesn't make you want to post at all. i'm French so forgive the mistakes.


Ya know, Izzie needs George! He keeps her grounded. They need each other. They are each other's person. Too bad they didn't have but very little scenes together last season, we know whose fault that was, but why? George is a well loved character. So is Izzie.I hate when they replace a main character on a show. No one can fill their shoes. I hope that they both get on that elevator together and come back to us to continue their amazing friendship. Give TR more exposure, give George that girl he saved from that bus as his new love interest, save Izzie for herself and Alex, good lord give their characters a reason TO live!! Give them lines, Let Them Act!!
As for everyone else on the show, I Love All of Them! No one needs to leave! The show would definately not be the same without any one of them.


I'm fine with Gizzie as friends or more. What bugs me is we didn't get anything this season. Shonda acted like they weren't even best friends. That's wrong. Tr and Katie work so well together. It's so wrong Shonda won't give us any scenes with them. If George leaves, I don't see myself watching anymore. It was terrible enough seeing him once or twice an episode. Not seeing him at all would be too much for me.


That's ok Emmeline. I don't like Alex and Izzie, but I respect the fact that some do. Both Gizzie and Alex and Izzie have a lot of fans. I want George and Izzie to stay and be friends again. If they got back togetehr later on, I'd be so happy though. I think they're soulmates. I always did. George is my favorite character, and I really hope they stop backburnering him. I missed him so much this season.


Grey's Anatomy Quotes

Did you say it? 'I love you. I don't ever want to live without you. You changed my life.' Did you say it? Make a plan. Set a goal. Work toward it, but every now and then, look around; Drink it in 'cause this is it. It might all be gone tomorrow."

Meredith (closing voiceover)

There's a reason I said I'd be happy alone. It wasn't 'cause I thought I'd be happy alone. It was because I thought if I loved someone and then it fell apart, I might not make it. It's easier to be alone, because what if you learn that you need love and you don't have it? What if you like it and lean on it? What if you shape your life around it and then it falls apart? Can you even survive that kind of pain? Losing love is like organ damage. It's like dying. The only difference is death ends. This? It could go on forever.