Leighton Meester Sex Tape Being Shopped Around

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Can't say we expected this Gossip Girl blast this morning: A sex tape of Leighton Meester and her boyfriend is apparently being shopped around Los Angeles.

According to TMZ, the alleged Leighton Meester sex tape was shot a few years back, with Leighton in mostly innocuous nude scenes - with some exceptions.

One involving her "very talented feet."

As most fans of the show probably know, Leighton Meester is dating Sebastian Stan, an actor and recurring guest star on Gossip Girl in the past two seasons.

But if the sex tape - if it even exists - is a few years old, it isn't clear who the boyfriend in question would be. Nor is it clear how the tape is being released.

Leighton Meester and Sebastian Stan Photo

Will a scandalous Leighton Meester sex tape be released?

Gossip lovers know there are plenty of false celebrity sex tape rumors that circulate, but this one seems like it could be real, at least without having seen any of it.

TMZ reports a company, celebhotline.com, is negotiating the rights to the Leighton Meester sex tape and quotes a source saying "we're hoping to close the deal."

Now this would be a scandal that Gossip Girl herself would be proud of.

We had hoped that this story would be false, for Leighton's sake, as it would certainly be embarrassing for her to deal with the fallout. But a personal video of hers being leaked would not, and does not, change our opinion of her in the least.

We imagine most Gossip Girl fans feel the same way.

UPDATE, 11:45 A.M.: Looks like it's real, as the site that was trying to obtain it now claims it has the tape. Some stills from it have apparently been released, and they are adult in nature. Follow the link to see said Leighton photos (NSFW).

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it's nobody's business if she does or not. What someone does in the privacy of their own home is for nobody to judge.






why are you guys disappointed. Smart girl needs sex too! Leighton Meester is smart and talent but that doesn't mean she has to be alone. Open minded fans would not mind watching her having sex :-) The sex tape is finally confirmed, check it out here


This is invasion of privacy. Anyone of the GG cast members / celebrities / ordinary folks like us could be victims, what with unethical "people who realeases sex-tapes to make a quick buck out of their victims' humiliation" everywhere. This tape does not make Leighton in anyway less deserving of our support and fan-ship. We still think she's fabulous and talented and I for one is looking forward to the Cobra Starship + Leighton Meester music video.

Meester fan01

LEIGHTON MEESTER IS AWESOME REGARDLESS -- true fans will support her regardless


i kinda feel that people are upset because they placed Leighton on a pedestal and when they found out that she made mistakes as well, they felt betrayed and a little angry that now Leighton will once again have to deal with her past. I wont lie and say I was shocked, but I was also upset that Leighton put herself in this kind of situation. It was not me being upset at he, but me being upset for her. I feel that Leighton is a sweet and down to earth girl at heart, but I also feel sorry that she will be subjugated to another round of embarrassing questions and crude name calling. Like I said before Leighton's sex video just proves she was sexually active, i can't put a label a slut on her for having sex with her boyfriend whom she may had a long term relationship with. I don't know her sexual history. As for all the people who abandon her for something like this, wasn't a true fan. For all those that say why would Leighton fans defend her. That's exactly right, we followed her career and will continue to support her because she has the talent to back her up. Before they said how others have lost respect for her, well respect is to be earned and I feel she will gradually get that respect back. I just feel upset that she has to go through with this. As for her not yet posting a statement yet may be for legal issues. As far as I know this may make it harder for her, but with her talent, i feel she will get through this. As they say you cant run from your past, but at least you can work on who you are at the moment and face it with you head and dignity in tacked. I for one admire her for going back to work and also for showing up to her interviews with a semblance of normalcy. As for the people who hate her, continue to hate we can't choose who you like, but don't come telling us how we can support her. Loyal fans will always back up their celebrity. Over the years celebrities have lost and gained a fan. For all the fans that she lost, she may gain ten more. The fans that stick with her to the end are the one that will garner her success. As for now, I have checked any boards and many support her even with the disappointment.


yeah, mami, it has. i'm not saying i agree with it, but she made a mistake and people are treating her like she bombed a preschool or something. i mean really.
and if you read some of the other posts, there is no inbetween really. you do either love or hate leighton, sure there are some people that like the whole cast but there's also people who favor one cast member.


Yo meestwick: Has it occurred to u that people can like Leighton, Blake, Jessica and Taylor but not approve of what Leighton did????
Ur being a spaz and a turd about it. U think people love or hate her, but its not like that. I personally love her, but lost some if the respect for her. So learn to shut up and not think the word Is evil.


just to all you blake/taylor/jessica fans:
you're being realllly hypocritical. saying we bash other actresses yet you're here bashing all of the people who favor leighton? next time, please, check yourself at the door. thanks.


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