Patricia Mauceri: Out on One Life to Live; Gay Storyline the Cause?

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The Internet is buzzing over this development.

Patricia Mauceri has reportedly been fired from the recurring role of Carlotta Vega on One Life to Live. According to various sources, the star was allegedly upset over Carlotta's small role in the upcoming gay storyline between Kyle (Brett Claywell) and Fish (Scott Evans).

An insider told Daytime Confidential:

"Carlotta was supposed to have a small role in the upcoming "Kish" storyline. She objected to Carlotta's positive attitude about homosexuality, saying it conflicted with her personal beliefs."

Saundra Santiago (Guiding Light, The Sopranos) has been cast in the role. She taped her first scenes late last week.

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Good riddance, homophobe! And a huge thank you to OLTL for sticking with a great story line!!


Again, I also believe her decision to not play the role anymore is fantastic. Everyone should stand up for what they believe in. I also completely agree that gays seem to always be depicted as such wonderful positive characters, when in reality they have as many, if not more, faults as do heterosexuals. In the past, TV and movies almost always depicted gays as something to be hated, scorned, looked down upon, and even made to seem almost inhuman. Now, TV shows and movies have gone way way too far in the opposite direction, almost as if they are trying make up for those depictions in the past. Gay characters need to written as any other character would be without ANY special attention at all. I will be so glad when the day comes, and it will, that people won't even give this subject a second thought, and the hatred of any person will be gone as well as closed minded people that have perpetuated that hatred all these years.


I think it took tremendous courage for her to stick to her beliefs. Alot of people find homosexuality objectionable, but are too bullied by the smugness of the left to voice how they feel. She finds the lifestyle wrong...why would she promote it in her acting. For those who believe it is 'courageous' for this soap or any show for that matter, to introduce a gay storyline that's positive...I want to ask what rock have you been living under? I defy anyone to refer to any soap or primetime show that hasn't depicted gays as somehow other wordly victims who border on sainthood....puke.


I believe if a story conflicts with an actor's personal beliefs, by all means stick to those beliefs and refuse to play that role, it is their choice. But DO NOT compare a gay supportive story line to a supportive KKK storyline !!! The difference is like day and night !! I can't believe you would even make a statement like that !! Not hypocrites at all .. That's basically saying homosexuality is a choice to be violent EVIL people. That's what the KKK is, a horrible violent disgusting choice of bigotry and nothing more !!


I applaud her for standing up for her beliefs and not allowing the mindless, "politically correct" atmosphere to cow her into promoting what she considers to be wrong. If she'd quit over a storyline promoting a KKK lifestyle, you'd all be defending her decision. Hypocrites!


Thank goodness they found someone as fabulous as Saundra Santiago to portray Carlotta. I've lost all respect for Patricia Mauceri.


I agree, beliefs aside, she was paid to do a job. It's her right to quit, but I disagree with her speaking out about it like it's something wrong...


good. while i've enjoyed the actress that played Carlotta for several years, the job is called acting. ACTING. if her so-called belief system didn't allow her to ACT the role she was given, she should have just quit. in fact, she should quit ACTING altogether. to hell with her. bring on the newbie! and i can't wait to see how the storyline plays out. it's going to be a good one. thanks OLTL for having the balls to write the story and to fire the actress that wouldn't go along with it.


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