Penn Badgley to Join Gossip Girl Music Ranks?

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Maybe one day, fans will get to hear a Gossip Girl compilation album.

From Leighton Meester's pop music to Ed Westwick's and Taylor Momsen's rock stylings, the show is churning out quite the catalog of actors-turned-musicians.

And now it looks like Penn Badgley may be the next star to try his hand at a music career - although he admits it may be a while before that process begins.

Years from now, maybe you'll see something. For the moment, it's something that I don't [want to do]," the actor otherwise known as Dan Humphrey told MTV.

With girlfriend Blake Lively in tow at a Burberry party on Thursday, Badgley talked about his love of music and why he wants to keep his talents to himself.

"I mean, music is my first passion, but because of that I don't really want to just take a first step in the wrong direction," the 22-year-old said.

Penn Badgley Shirtless

"At the moment, I just want to be sensible about what I do. I just write and I play, and that's about all I need for myself right now."

Badgley's Gossip Girl co-stars haven't been as reluctant to pursue their music careers. Momsen recently told MTV News that rock and roll "feeds my soul," while Meester has even teamed up with Cobra Starship for a recent single.

So what exactly does the actor think about his peers' music?

Badgley said he listened to Ed Westwick's band the Filthy Youth back when they started filming the show. And though he admitted that he hasn't heard Meester's or Momsen's songs yet, he thinks they'll do just fine in the music industry.

"I haven't heard any of Taylor's stuff, but apparently it's pretty decent," he said of his onscreen sister. "I wish them the best with it. It's awesome they're doing that."

As for co-star Chace Crawford's newly acquired starring role in Footloose, Badgley said his co-star will have no problem shifting from blue-blooded Gossip Girl good guy Nate Archibald to dancing bad boy Ren McCormack.

"I think he's going to be footloose and fancy free," Badgley laughed.

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Looks a bit like Jasper from Twilight hair.


lol at long hair :)


ooo good thing he doesnt have long hair on GG he looks way better with short hair.

Dont mock the scarf

I don't think Chuck (or Blair, I guess) can do no wrong. But a lot of times it's been Dan and Nate who keep acting like they can do no wrong. Nate is pissed when Dan offers him a place to stay. Dan is pissed when Serena...does anything. Nate is pissed when Vanessa makes a mistake. Nate is pissed when Blair is acting like Blair. Yeesh. It's not easy to root for a person who thinks they're oh so perfect and better than anyone else. Anyway. Not one of them is perfect, otherwise there won't be a reason for them to BE WRITTEN ABOUT. Stop generalizing about your so-called analysis about Chair fans.


he kinda looks like jasper from twilight here


What's with the U.G.L.Y. hair?


EWWW that hair is hideous.




Penn had long hair like that in the film, 'John Tucker Must Die,' and it looks so silly and disgusting. He looks very John Mayer-esque, and I definitely prefer him with his short, Gossip Girl hair. Also, to 'addictedtochair,' a loott of people think Nate is a 'good guy.' Sure, each character has their not-so-good moments, but this website is extremely biased and merely full of girls who LOVE Chuck, ONLY Chuck, and no one else; such fans cannot even fathom the idea of ALSO enjoying a different male character- it's all Chuck, all the time. In their eyes, Chuck can do no wrong. And, sorry, but judging by your username and comment, your one of those people. Nate IS a good guy, with good intentions. Dan is intelligent, Nate is just, seriously, the good guy [I typed that without the idea from this post in my head- just his overall characterization], and Chuck is the dangerous one. Just the way it is.


penn looks like a tard with long hair.
not a good look, dude.


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