Report: Katherine Heigl Will Return to Grey's Anatomy

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The Season Six cast of Grey's Anatomy is becoming clearer by the day.

Following reports that original cast member T.R. Knight is leaving the series for good, a fact that has been long-rumored but finally confirmed this week, comes an inside source confirming to E! Online that Katherine Heigl "will be back" next season.

Heigl had been said to want off the show for an entire season.

Official comments from the show bosses or Katherine Heigl has not been issued, however, E! is one of the more reputable celebrity news sources around, so if we were forced to take a guess as to this story's legitimacy, we would believe it.

Izzie in the Afterlife?

Season Five ended on a double-death cliffhanger, as T.R. Knight's character, Dr. George O'Malley, struggled to survive massive trauma inflicted by a bus accident, and Heigl's Dr. Izzie Stevens was enduring life-threatening complications of her cancer treatment.

One could say that the split decision - T.R. Knight goes and Katherine Heigl stays - was sort of telegraphed in the fifth season finale's episode-ending dream sequence.

In that scene, Izzie seemed drawn back to the voices of friends trying to save her life, while George seemed serenely ready to move into the new phase of existence.

What do you think? Are you happy Katherine is coming back? Do you not believe anything until you see her on screen in the Season Six premiere?

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Dear Katherine name is Paul Birch.I realy and truley want to back on Grey"s Anatomy.Because you could"nt leave your loyle fan"s behide If it wernt for your fan"s for surrporting you and having you back on the hit show. That "s what this fan wants.Your number one fan Paul Birch


Dear grey"s Anatomy is Katherine Heigl comming back to the hit show
this fan would like to know.Your number one fan Paul Birch


I sooo mad katherine is coming back she really doesn't wanna be part of the show she can screw off she not really needed mer-der and bailey are the best


Oh God, finally a good news about the sixth season cast!! I'm really excited about Katherine Heigl staying!!
i love katherine heigl she is a real good actore
an yes yuhu izzie is in season 6


im happy she's not leaving...


when is the promo going to be coming out for season 6


Izzie is my frav person in Grey's Anatomy so i really hope she lives but wt i tink is going to happen is that were all going to tink that izzie lives and george dies but i tink izzie is going to die and george is going to live but just not going to be played by TR Knight he will br played by that lad from lost but i really hope im wrong i really want izzie to live and because i live in ireland it wont primere over there till january so i have to wait for ages. Love the show do SERIOUSLY. lol


I'm also glad that Issie is staying. I also like George, but I like the story with Issie and Alex. Katherine Heidl is a really nice girl with a great future and I like to see her on Greys. I think the show would suffer without her.




I'm so glad katherine heigl is coming back. I was freaking out on the season finale. its kind of too bad they did it together cuz I'm not as upset about tr cuz I thought we were losing both! I'd really miss heigl's presence on the show. her character is so dynamic. I love her story line with justin chambers. its weird using their real names. ill miss george I think. its sad losing a character whose been there from beginning. but tr will land on his feet I think.I'm just so glad katherine is sticking around. I hope its for awhile.

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