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Shonda Rhimes Visits Chandra Wilson, "Chicago"

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T.R. Knight isn't the only Grey's Anatomy name involved in theater work.

Chandra Wilson, who plays Dr. Miranda Bailey, has been starring in Chicago this summer, delighting audiences in the famous role of Matron “Mama” Morton in the hit musical.

At one of her recent shows, Wilson received a special visitor - none other than Grey's Anatomy creator / producer Shonda Rhimes. Here's Chandra with her boss backstage ...

Chandra Wilson and Shonda Rhimes

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bahahahaha! that picture IS pretty funny, you have to admit...


i just read this posts comments like all of them and this is really funny.. i'm for whatever but i think this is pretty darn funny and ridiculous but duke it out lol it's for entertainment purposes on my end lol


First, let me just say, I have very little to add to my original post. I find that so many people find it perfectly acceptable and laudable to disparage another human being’s appearance in a public forum disheartening. You’re correct – it is your opinion. I think my opinion on the ways you choose to express your own is based on values that are just so fundamentally different that it’s not worth even trying to meet minds. Second, the one point I will clarify, is that I don’t have a problem with people remaining anonymous on the internet. In fact, I think that by and large it is wise. My point that you were hiding behind anonymity was directed at the fact that you would mock someone in a public forum in a way (I assumed; quite possibly incorrectly) that you would not to their face. Perhaps you would tell Shonda you think she is creepy and fat to her face. IN contrast, if I was with you in person, and you called her fat and creepy, I expect that I would articulate such behaviour as cowardly and pathetic. That being said, I might be willing to concede that claiming someone looks creepy in a snapshot is probably not the end of the world. What really bothers me is the fat comment. I have known people who are anorexic. I know of people who have died from anorexia. And the struggles they face. As far as I’m concerned, the only relevant fact about weight is whether it’s at a healthy level or not. People can carry extra weight and be perfectly healthy, people can be underweight and be quite unhealthy. But instead, people choose to criticize other people for no good reason about their appearance, as though any of us are perfect, and as though any of us wouldn’t care if someone pointed out our flaws. And I do not buy the argument that all people who get into the show business lose their entitlement to privacy. Some thrive on that – let them choose pose for pics and give interviews. Others wish to keep their privacy – they should be allowed to choose to not pose and give interviews. Anyway, I digress... I, for one, am with Chelsea. I certainly don’t feel like getting into this argument, and think it’s ridiculous that someone told her to ‘shut up’ because she defended the dignity of another human being (even just out of principle) and wanted to get out of the argument that was clearly not going to go anywhere (and did so with well wishes to everyone at the end). I do feel strongly about standards on how we talk about people. I tend to believe that if we spend more time talking positively about people and less time shit-talking one another, the world might be a better place. As for, me, I am daily immersed in the evils of the world in my area of study. It tends to dominate a lot of my social space, too. I usually escape one or two hours a week in the lives of fake people. I’m impatient, so I like spoilers. In the off-season, I have continued to come around out of habit during reading breaks. But fundamentally, I don’t care about the personal lives of these people. I don’t need to see pictures of them. In fact, I wish there were better laws guarding their privacy. But at any rate, that I am even engaged at this point in such a conversation on a tv show internet board tells me that I’ve tipped the scales of balance away from my priorities. It’s not about appeasing impatience to know what’s going to happen anymore. So you can carry on with the expression of your opinions, and I will not interrupt again. And hopefully I will take this time to learn the virtue of patience, and enjoy the show each Thursday when it returns.


Whoa. Dude she apologized for insulting that person... Leave her alone. If she's tired of arguing then she's tired of arguing. This argument seems like it can go on forever. I for one am sick of hearing both sides. She apologized, just leave it alone.


Whoa. Dude she apologized for insulting that person... Leave her alone. If she's tired of arguing then she's tired of arguing. This argument seems like it can go on forever. I for one am sick of hearing both sides. She apologized, just leave it alone.


wow chelsea-- shut up your argument is neither intelligent nor interesting.. and you are a wimp if you truly believed in your argument you would have continued your point and made a much better point.. you just keep saying the same things over and over.. and i think that no matter whose side i am on or anyone for that matter i have some respect for zephyr in continuing their side of the argument bc they made a good argument and didnt give up.. I think shonda is brilliant and she's got a great mind and i love her writing and story lines no matter who ends up with who (although i have been a strong fan of merder from the beginning) although i do think that she looks creepy in this picture although not in every picture she makes me laugh when i listen to her podcasts and i think she's pretty great bc without her i'd be without grey's so i love shonda but i must say she is a tad scary in this picture..


I know very well that this is all a disagreement, and I'm very tired of arguing. I feel as though you have insulted my intelligence in your last comment and I don't appreciate it. I'm very sorry if I insulted you in any way. Have a lovely day :D


I mentioned the real name thing for a reason that has obviously completely flown over your head, so don't worry about it.. (not trying to insult you, I just don’t think you understood my point) However, I did not "belittle" your opinion by disagreeing with it. If I disagree with you I'm not belittling you, so again, I don't think you even understood what I meant. Belittling someone is a way of criticizing them or putting them down. Disagreeing with you is an entirely different thing. The reason I said people were belittling MY opinion is because it's true: they said that my opinion was "cowardly and pathetic". It should be plain as day to you that there is no hypocrisy going on from my side. I am not the one who instigated a petty name calling argument based on me and others saying that we think Shonda looks creepy.(McCynic is the one I originally responded to) The entire reason I wrote what I wrote was because I have no tolerance for people attacking my opinion just because they disagree with it. Try re-reading the comments and it should be clear to you that if no one had accused anybody of being "cowardly and pathetic" just because they voiced an opinion, this argument would never have taken place. I'm not a hypocrite for defending myself or disagreeing with you. And you don't have to be a hypocrite either if you can accept that other people disagreeing with you does not warrant them being called "cowardly and pathetic". Think about it.


This is mchappy... I'm not scared to use my own name. By me using my own name does that help you know me any better? No. Who cares what people use as their name? That doesn't mean their opinions change just because their name is changed. You yourself could be lying about your own name. And you belittled my opinion because you didn't agree with it. Looks to me like there is hypocrisy going on on both sides.