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T.R. Knight Returning to Stage in "Parade"

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T.R. Knight has booked his first role since negotiating an early release from ABC's Grey's Anatomy. He will star in a Los Angeles theater production of the musical Parade.

The show opens October 4 at the Mark Taper Forum in L.A.

Parade, penned by Alfred Uhry, is a true story of Leo Frank, an Atlanta pencil-factory manager who was convicted of raping and killing a 13-year-old female employee in 1913.

When doubt was cast on his guilt, Frank's death sentence was commuted to life imprisonment. Soon after, he was kidnapped from prison and lynched by a group of citizens.

T.R. Photo

We'll sure miss T.R. Knight and all he brought to Grey's Anatomy.

In his first role after exiting the Grey's Anatomy cast following five great seasons, T.R. Knight will star as Frank, while Lara Pulver (Robin Hood) will play his wife, Lucille.

"I am very fortunate to return to the theater playing Leo Frank in this incredible, acclaimed production of Parade," Knight said in an interview with the Los Angeles Times.

"After a five-year break, it feels great to be on stage again."

T.R. Knight's previous plank work includes Broadway's Tartuffe.

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i love his hair shorter, but god he looks old!


I sure love that hair on him. I'm going to miss him so much. George was always my biggest love on Grey.


hi , will miss oo7, was hoping he and izzie would survive, and be seen on season 6, i live very far so won't be seing goerge or TR, hope he would do movies so we can watch him act, fan from the Philippines


I agree with the captioning. I'll miss TR and George so much. Best of luck, TR. Love you lots.


I'm so glad for him. I hope he gets many many roles in the future. I'll miss him so much. He was the one reason I watched.


He does look happy. You guys always find the best pictures of him. I'm glad TR's happy. I just wish we weren't losing our George over it. What will we do without him?


Although I am devastated over losing George, I am ecstatic for TR's news! I think he will give a powerful performance in his role as Leo Frank and all that talent will simply shine on stage. I only wish he was performing this in NY -- it's a 5 hr drive to NY for me, but I'd make it in a heartbeat to see him. I love that picture too, Kim. He looks great! He looks so happy. GO TR!


at least there's good news out of it. Man, why does he have to go? Season 6'll suck. :| No more Bambi! :((


He looks so yummy in that photo. Where did you find it? I'm going to be missing that smile. I wish him all the best luck. I'm still hoping George survives so we can get a visit from our sweet Dr. O'Malley in the future. I live too far so I won't be able to see it, but I hope some very nice TR fan is able to go and post a lot of pictures for us devoted fans.


I agree with you Anna. Also, the short hair looks good on him.

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