Who Will Be In Charge on House?

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With its lead doctor starting next season in a mental institution - and possibly forming a band with fellow nut house members - who will be in charge of the diagnostic team at Princeton Plainsboro in the fall?

It's a fair question, and an ideal one for Executive Producer David Shore. He told E! News:

"We are going to have some fun with who is going to be running the diagnostics department. We're not bringing in anyone new right now, so it's going to be somebody you know."

Thoughts? Theories? Our money is on Wilson.

Dr. House Photo

Meanwhile, the diagnosis for Foreteen is a bit more clear - and less promising.

Omar Epps said trouble at work may equal trouble at home for Foreman and Thirteen: "Knowing the rhythm of our show, [their relationship] is going to progress into a brick wall."

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