Will Hiro Die on Season Four of Heroes?

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Spoilers for season four of Heroes are already leaking out.

Aside from more time travel in Hiro's future, E! Online reports that the most misused character on the show is also in for a dark future.

It looks like Hiro's bloody noses and headaches won't going away for awhile. In fact, these symptoms will be cause for speculation about losing yet another main character.

But there's no way theyd kill off Hiro, right? The show has enough problems killing off anyone, let anyone one of its biggest fan favorites.

Hiro, Finale Pic

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If they kill him the show is dead to me!
Hiro and like 2 other charecters make the show what it is and if he's gone so will most of there fans!


I would most definitely stop watching Heroes if Hiro was killed off. He and Ando are the only fun characters left, and the show would be too heavy without him.


I dont think that he would be killed, he is the top char there
every episode i wait for he's scene
if they will actually kill him i will quit watching the show, it will be too dark and boring
i hope masi oka will act in more show/ movies (ofcourse with the same personality).


^^^I AGREE! If they kill Hiro I'd be sooo pissed! I LOVE HIM!!! I'd probably still watch the show tho...I love Heroes too much


Kill Hiro and I'm gone. To kill such a beloved character would kill the show too. The show can be very dark and gloomy without a character like Hiro to root for and cheer on (not to mention giggle with). The ratings are going down and I blame the show taking a darker edge and not being all round entertainment like season 1 (which had everything you needed in a show; thrills, excitment, suspense, comedy, romance, action, gore, mystery etc. etc.), we need some brighter/lighter moments, it can't just be gloom and doom all the time.

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