Will There Be a Gossip Girl Movie One Day?

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Earlier this year, Star Trek became the 11th feature film spun off from the TV sci-fi franchise. Might the cast of Gossip Girl reunite on the silver screen one day?

"We've been asked that a lot," Jessica Szohr grinned. "I'm in."

"A Gossip Girl movie could be compared to a Sex and the City-type of movie," agreed Leighton Meester, giving a pitch and seeing similarities in the confessional, uber-sexy, martini-drinking worlds. "I think that would be kind of hot."

These days, Szohr is hard at work in Lake Havasu on the set of the horror film Piranha 3-D, while Meester is playing a psycho on the Culver City set of the thriller The Roommate (and starring in a sex tape that is making the online rounds).

Other stars, like Blake Lively and Chace Crawford, are establishing their own film careers or focusing on the third season of the show that premieres in September.

The Fab Four

Could the ladies of Gossip Girl form a fearsome movie foursome?

But if the show's fan base continues to build, Gossip Girl could someday be bringing her omniscient observations to a movie theater near you.

"If they do, I don't think it'll be for a couple more years," said Szohr. "We're just going into the third season. But I think it'd be fun; we'd all be excited."

"We'll see what happens," agreed Meester. "There's no resolution in each episode - it's always a cliffhanger. So it would be pretty juicy as a movie."

Asked if she's been privy to any behind-the-scenes rumblings about a movie, Leighton said, "I have," adding, "I think we are just [concentrating] on the show right now - so maybe when it goes away for a while we can come back [as a movie]."

"You never know," Szohr added. "It went from books to a TV show - so they might as well just check off the list and make it a film too."

She just hopes such a film wouldn't be in 3-D, like her latest flick.

"I can't picture that," she laughed, thinking of her artsy style on the show. "My character's outfits would look even more crazy!"

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it originally was supposed to be a film back in 2004 with lindsay playing blair and some chick named alyssa lawerence, she was probably either the voice of gossip girl or vanessa.


This would be amazing they should definitly make it a movie in the years to come. I'd love to see Chuck and Nate on the big screen thats hot! Plus more elaborate clothing if it were a movie ahhhh!


leighton & blake =


Dani, Niki, and Jenny I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU! There needs to be a Gilmore Girls movie! I heart that show!


Oooooh! That would really be nice! I hope it pushes through someday.


I wouldn't mind one in a few years time but to have now would just kind of be stupid. There needs to be a few more seasons, and maybe once the charaters are finished college then there could be a movie. I also agree with Dani,Niki and Jenny. I would love a gilmore girls one. I love that show now. I came across it last summer and watched almost all of it. It's so random but after how gilmore girls ended, there needs to be a movie.


i would watch it! some CHAIR lovin' on the big screen, haha!


YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!! This would be amazing they should definitly make it a movie in the years to come. I'd love to see Chuck and Nate on the big screen thats hot! Plus more elaborate clothing if it were a movie ahhhh!!


I say NO I just think it wouldn't be as good as the show and it would disappoint. I'd go to see it anyways but I'm not expecting anything amazing to come from it.


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