Army Wives Spoilers: Catherine Bell Speaks on Denise's Future

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Are Denise and Frank Sherwood really, truly over on Army Wives?

Now that the divorce papers are signed and Denise (Catherine Bell) has found a new gig in stupid Colorado, fans are asking if she and Frank (Terry Serpico) are done.

Moreover, they're wondering if Catherine Bell is leaving the show.

"I'll tell you this," she told E! Online when asked about that specific topic. "I'm still in South Carolina, and I was filming the show this morning."


Denise and Frank Sherwood Picture

As for Frank and Denise, their divorce paperwork is done, but a relationship of some form continues, starting this Sunday at the christening of Roland and Joan's baby.

Bell says, "Frank and Denise struggle for a while. It's not over. There are some really wonderful scenes coming. There's going to be more communication about this."

Meaning Denise Sherwood standing up for herself and demanding respect?

"There's some really cool stuff coming up where you see a different side of him and their relationship. There's some positive stuff. He's really a big teddy bear."

"Frank really adores Denise. He's going to change a bit this season," Bell predicts.

"You're going to see a different side of him, that's very exciting."

What's next for the couple, when/if they work out their marital problems? Is this newly empowered, untethered Denise moving into a more career-oriented phase?

"My husband and I - Catherine, not Denise - are talking about having another child, and if I got pregnant, I don't know. Would they write it in? I don't know," the Army Wives star suggests. "That would be kind of cool. Pregnant Denise. Next season!"

Umm... yeah!

Last but not least, for all the Frank Sherwood haters out there, let the record show that Catherine thinks the character is "misunderstood," and Terry Serpico, the actor who plays him, is a sweetheart and "the nicest guy on the planet."

He's also a good actor, in that case!

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I have a question wasent Denise pregnant laason????


Army Wives is one of my favorite shows and I am excited about the new season. However, there is one thing that annoyes me. Why can't they have the same baby for the Burtons for every episode? Every week there is a different baby! The beauty of being an African American is that we come in all shades! Some of us are dark skinned, some brown, some caramel, some very fair skinned. So that fact that the Burton's baby girl is presented in a different shade, age etc. every week is just insulting! Roland is dark brown and Joan is fair skinned. Can you find a baby that looks like them and stick with that baby??? Thank You Very Much.

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