Bethenny Frankel: Engaged to Jason Hoppy!

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We'd have expected more of an attention-grabbing announcement from Bethenny Frankel herself. But perhaps The Real Housewives of New York City is actually taking her engagement seriously and personally this time.

A few days after she was spotted in Miami with a diamond ring on her finger, Frankel's rep has confirmed that his client is engaged to boyfriend Jason Hoppy.

"I can confirm Bethenny and Jason are in love and plan on getting married," her rep said to Us Weekly. "So I guess this is the starter ring."

It's safe to assume the actual ring will be quite a bit larger.

Jason Hoppy

Earlier this year, Frankel couldn't help but gush about her new man.

"I'm in love," she said at an event in the Hamptons. "I'm pretty much certain I'm going to spend the rest of my life with him... I'm really happy."

We'd like to wish this couple the very best of luck! We'd also like to hope the engagement now means Frankel will start wearing a bra.

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I Think Jason Hoppy is gay as hell. My "GAYDAR" went off like clock work when I first saw him speak on this show. His Manorisms are GAY! GAY! GAY! Bethany needs to wonder why this alledged great guy was still single among so many single women.


No one is jealous of Bethenny. Look at her. Her face is trapezoidally tranny. And she has bulimia cheeks--despite the implants. If she was a nice person, we could get past it, she's not. Even Jason doesn't like her.


She looks really pretty here. I'm happy for her. I think she's hilarious.


People on here are just way jealous of a pretty and successful lady like Bethany who is outspoken. I wish bethany and her new man have a great life and the beautiful baby or babies that bethany wants :)


wow such mean comments up there, what the heck?! people are so mean.


awww! they will have pretty babies!


I read that he slept with another girl in nyc while he was dating bethenny. Hope she knows she is marrying a star fucker...if he goes through with it.


he's not gay, he slept with half of nyc's single women!


He's got to be desperate for even being with her, let alone proposing. He's either desperate, gay or trying to get know, little does he know Bethenny is laughed at all over town.