Better Off Ted Recap: "Father, Can You Hair Me?"

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On last night's Better Off Ted, Veronica and Ted were each dealing with their own set of daddy issues. 

Veronica was trying to have a normal relationship with her father when she found out he only had one year to live, while Ted desperately tried to push Phil and Lem to develop a treatment for baldness to impress his father.

Phil and the Hair

Find out how both sides dealt with their father issues in our "Father, Can You Hair Me?" recap.  Now for some of our favorite quotes from the episode.

Lem: But what about protocol?
Ted: Forget protocol. Did Einstein stop to fill out paperwork before discovering his Theory of Relativity?
Phil: Actually, he was a patent clerk, so all he did was fill out paperwork | permalink
Veronica: Ted, you don't have to go through all this. Just say the word and the election's her's. We did for Iceland and we can do it for your kid | permalink
Lem: We are not mad scientists, Ted, regardless of what our bowling shirts might say. | permalink

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