Brothers & Sisters Tidbits: Fall Storylines, the Return of Marion Ross

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Brothers & Sisters returns to ABC with new episodes on September 27.

As previously reported, the show will get even better looking on its season premiere, as Gilles Marini kicks off his guest-starring stint as Sarah's new boyfriend.

Based on TV Guide's latest column of scoops and spoilers, here are a couple other fall storylines to keep an eye out for:

  • Kitty and Robert will continue to put on facade that they are happily married, as the latter runs for governor;
  • Justin will be busy pursuing his doctor dream;
  • Marion Ross will reprise her role as Nora and Saul's mother.
Growing Apart

Kitty and Robert are not a happily married couple. But don't tell that to voters in California!

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Brothers & Sisters Quotes

Robert: Why are you talking about this pissy little congressional seat? If you really want to run for office, I'll tell you whose seat you should run for.
Kitty: Whose?
Robert: Mine. I'd be right there with you and we would kick ass.

Sarah: (talking on the phone to Kevin about Justin) Does he seem OK to you?
Kevin: Yeah, a little crabby maybe. Why?
Sarah: He had a disastrous morning. He was painted a total loser by a class of first graders.
Kevin: I wish that seemed weirder.

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