Gossip Girl Caption Contest 61

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Welcome to the Gossip Girl Caption Contest - the 61st edition! Who won this week?

It was a difficult decision (as it always is, because you all send in so many great captions, week after week), but we chose the entry by CBass. Congratulations!

Honorable mentions go out to MissRooobin, Blair Cornelia Archibald, and LoveUChair. Thanks to everyone for playing this fun tradition, as always!

The winning reply appears below the pihoto ...

Just Friends For Now

Serena: Oh My God, tell me Chuck and Blair are not ...
Dan: I think they are.
Serena: Look at them go.
Dan: Wow, Chuck is really into it, his scarf is on the floor.
Serena: GUYS! We want to play guitar hero too!

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S: Dan, this doesn't feel right.
D: What doesn't feel right?
S: I feel like I'm about to get married again.


D- Wow. It's so...
S- Beautiful?
D- YES! Beautiful and breathtaking and awe-inspiring and heavenly and-
S- -Yes well when you've walked in on Blair and Chuck making love as many times as I have it just becomes genius, thought provoking and inspired.
D- Wow. *single tear falls from his eye* Can we please stay and watch just a little while longer?


*Dan and Serena walk in*
Dan- OH MY GOD! Wow, that is definitely our parents naked on the floor together...
Serena- Oh man, so much skin, eyes burning... Yet can't look away.
Dan- Hey, do you think that might be us in 20 years?
Serena- No way. Rufus' booty is much hairier than yours.


Thanks, too, Blair&Nate :D


Thanks Blair&Nate :)


shadow243, your last one was pretty funny.
and Missy B, yours was pretty funny too :)


Serena: Just do it?
Dan: What does Nike mean by that?
Serena(shrugging): Want to get the chocolate covered strawberries and find out?


Serena: Chuck's watching The Notebook...
Dan: This is the end of the world.


Serena: OMFG!
Dan: I know! Who knew Chuck could tap dance?
Serena: Apparently everyone who read last week's caption. or... Dan: I found this video on youtube. Looks who's tap dancing.
Serena: Is that Chuck?
Dan: Who else wears THAT much purple?
Serena: Barney?
Dan: Oh...yeah.


Serena- OMFGG! It's Edward Cullen!
Dan- What are you talking about woman? That's obviously Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter.
Serena- Oh Edward I knew you would come for me! I'm ready to be yours for eternity! Just wait here for one second while I go pack. (Serena leaves Dan alone with Edward/Cedric/Robert Pattinson) Dan- ...I named my Cabbage Patch Kid after you.

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