Gossip Girl Caption Contest 62

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Welcome to the Gossip Girl Caption Contest - the 62nd edition of this fun tradition!

Follow the link to see who won last week's edition of the Caption Contest, then send us your best caption(s) for this Gossip Girl picture by leaving comments below.

It was, as always, a tough decision, with all of your quality entries. But we chose MustLoveChuck. Congratulations! The winning reply appears below the photo.

Honorable mentions go out to JessicaD, bfan and Kamay. Thank you all for playing and making this such a fun weekly tradition. Best of luck again next week ...

Jonathan the Hacker

Eric: Wow... Just wow.
Serena: That was amazing.
Jonathan: Go Blair and Chuck.
Jenny: Are you guys watching the Chuck says I love you scene... again?
Serena: It's sooooo sweet though.
Eric: He got her stockings that's amazing.
Jonathan: I just love the background music.
Jenny: I need new friends.

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Blair cornelia archibald

Eric: Serena did you know about this?
Serena: No. Why would Dan write an erotic blog about us?
Jenny: It doesn't really seem like his style.
Jonathon: I knew he was gay!


Marilynn's made me lol. i could so picture that really happening =)


Jonathan- You see Serena this website is gossipgirlinsider.com, so you can read about yourself even more online
Serena- Oh Goody!!! I just love to read about myself!
Jenny- We can tell, did you really write a autobiograpy about yourself?!?
Eric- Are you really reading the whole thing Jenny?


Erick: omfg! is that blair? it is so disgusting I, mean a foot? Jonathan and I would never....
Jonathan: never say never.... ***silence**.... S: uuhmmmm blair is so hot!! i wis i could hook up with her!!
Jenny: Hey let me take a glance into the 3rd season, maybe you really could!!!


Serena: I completely understand if you guys want to look at gay porn, but PLEASE, not on my computer.


Serena: OMG! That is-
Jenny: So wrong! How dare they bring another blonde into this show?
Eric: We are a blonde friendly show.
Jenny: Hilary Duff is not blonde friendly anyore. She dyed her hair.
Serena: Nor is she acting friendly. She killed any chance of an adult career.
Jenny: Yeah, the Disney bopper must go.


Jonathan: WoW
Serena: OMG is that a naked picture of me ??!!!
Jenny: Let me see!! Let me see!!!
Serena: Turn it off!!!! My bare breasts are showing!!! Turn it off!!!
Eric: Why? It's not like it's anything everybody hasn't seen before This is the first time I'm trying this so please be nice!!!
Oooh and BTW this site is awesome and these contests are the best!!!!


Jenny: lalalalala.. Guys I'm just really not feeling these music notes
Serena: omg were trying, jonathan look online for some courtney love songs, maybe we can get some inspiration
Jenny: uh no! I only imitate her style, besides I think she's onto me


The discovery of a certain girls talented feet shocks everyone, just ask them.


Serena: Guys? what is this? why is chuck like this?!?
Eric: It's chuck's debut in the porn industry!
Jenny: ...And according to the statistics for this week, i think he's gonna be huge!
Jonathan: ...So Serena, want to be famous too?

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