Gossip Girl Caption Contest 62

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Welcome to the Gossip Girl Caption Contest - the 62nd edition of this fun tradition!

Follow the link to see who won last week's edition of the Caption Contest, then send us your best caption(s) for this Gossip Girl picture by leaving comments below.

It was, as always, a tough decision, with all of your quality entries. But we chose MustLoveChuck. Congratulations! The winning reply appears below the photo.

Honorable mentions go out to JessicaD, bfan and Kamay. Thank you all for playing and making this such a fun weekly tradition. Best of luck again next week ...

Jonathan the Hacker

Eric: Wow... Just wow.
Serena: That was amazing.
Jonathan: Go Blair and Chuck.
Jenny: Are you guys watching the Chuck says I love you scene... again?
Serena: It's sooooo sweet though.
Eric: He got her stockings that's amazing.
Jonathan: I just love the background music.
Jenny: I need new friends.

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I love you

Jenny,Eric & Jonathan: WOW!!
Serena: Yeah, WOW
Chuck really took it that far.


Serena: Omg! Little J you sing?!
Jonathon: Serena your pregnant with Brad Pitts baby?!
Jenny: Jonathon you had Plastic Surgery?!
Eric: No...Those are just some ideas for the story lines later on guys.


Serena: Omg! Little J you sing?!
Jonathon: Serena your pregnant with Brad Pitts baby?!
Jenny: Jonathon you had Plastic Surgery?!
Eric: No...Those are just some of the story lines later on guys.


eric: wow, who is that... OH GOD.
serena: i guess chuck leaked that chuck/vanessa sex tape after all...


Eric: Look at all these naughty Gossip Girl fanfiction!
Serena: Oh my god...Eric, Nate, Chuck three way!?! Like that would ever happen! Gross!
Eric: Yeah....gross...


Jonathan: Oh...My...Gosh...
Eric: Uh.... Are you on the right site?
Serena: Wait! It's almost over anyways. Let's just finish watching...
Jenny: Guys... Uh, guys! Back on track here!... Hello?!


eric: oh my god, my eyes!!! put that out please!
serena: how can she do that thing with her back? [small silence] jonathan: i would like to tap that ass!
eric: i'm sorry ... she is my grandma
serena: yeah.. and weren't you like gay?
jonathan: oh...just because i'm gay i can't apreciate


Serena: Wow this is what people are listening to now a days.
Jenny: Hey that's me.
Serena: Oh sorry I just thought Courtney Love was making a comeback.


conner: have you seen the latest GG blast? chuck bass has done it again
serena: oh god what did he do this time
eric: probably strangled someone with his scarf
conner: worse
eric: i think he has slept with every girl in new york. and Europe
serena: when i get my hands on him im gonna rip that scarf and strangle him myself


Serena: Oh my..
Eric: ..God..That's new..?
Serena: ..Or old..
Jonathan: Wow. Chuck & Blair are..
Serena: Repulsive?
Eric: Scarring?
Jenny: The epitome of all that is dark & twisty in this hell-hole which we live in?
(Serena and Eric look at Jenny)
Jenny: What?
Jonathan: I was gonna say different, but that's a close second.

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