Gossip Girl Cast Members Go Back to School

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With the exception of some new faces and Gossip Girl spoilers, not too much is known about the next season of our favorite show so far this summer.

Of course, we do know the basics, such as where the hot characters will be attending college now that their high school days have come to an end.

Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester), Vanessa Abrams (Jessica Szohr), and Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley) are all enrolled at New York University, so it made sense that the actors spent Monday night filming a scene at St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral School.

That institution lies in the heart of New York City’s Nolita neighborhood, far from the Upper East Side stomping grounds that the gang used to inhabit.

During the taping, which attracted a large crowd of fans who snapping photos and craning their necks to get a better view, Vanessa was "seen talking to an unidentified male, whom she enthusiastically introduced to Dan after he came over."

Think that was Scott (Chris Riggi) perhaps?

A Leighton in Red
The Szohr Bet

And as always with Blair Waldorf, fashion trumped both comfort and practicality. She looked gorgeous in a fitted red dress and sky-high white heels, but had obvious trouble getting up and down the steep steps outside the building as a result.

In between takes, Leighton Meester nervously tapped her over-sized purse against the side of her leg, avoiding eye contact with the spectators who had gathered.

Jessica Szohr, on the other hand, looked more classroom appropriate in a flowy yellow top, shorts and flats. Noticeably absent from the scene was Blake Lively, who will be in Rhode Island attending Brown when the show returns September 14.

Blake has been spotted on the set too, of course, and there are rumors of a Serena hookup with Carter Baizen as well as a quest to find her long-lost father Keith.

Safe to say her days at Brown are numbered before they begin?

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xoxo!gossip girl ,.,.,.,.,hi serena your so beautiful and so cute .,.,.,.,.,.,., I.......LOVE........YOU............ i say 3words and 8 letters to say I........LOVE.........YOU..........


the dress that blair is wearing is by the Victoria Beckham fashion line... love it!!!


oh, wow. if leighton meester is fat, then i would absolutely love to have a fat figure. :]
personally, i like leight the best out of the GG girls, but i think they're all pretty awesome.


I super LOLed at the comments. AHAHAHAHAHA.
leighton is SO not fat! jeez people, are you, like, bulimic or something, since you think someone that thin is fat?
and IMHO, i super duper pick Leighton over Jessica any day. :)
PLUS, she's with Chuck Fuckin Bass! =D


everyone's beautiful in their own "element" :)


Umm yeah!!! Ur just jealous because you don't get to be with Chuck Bass that's what i think. :)


K, no wonder teenage girls have such low self-esteem when people like you say people like leighton meester are fat. She simply has rosy and full cheeks which classically a sign of great beauty. Both the actresses are gorgeous and there is no need to attack leighton who is by the way the prettier of the two!


I think Leighton is very beautiful as are the other girls. Each has their own special beauty and traits. So no need to bash on any of them for god's sake!


anyone saw the new pictures on set?Blake was so gorgeous ,and leighton was cute

Gossip Girl Quotes

Rita: Luckily, Robin was working with me in New York this week and able to bring along a very special video of Blair.
Tiffany: What is it?
Penelope: A Jack Bass sex tape?
Tiffany: A Nelly Yuki snuff film?

It only takes one video to topple an entire career. If you don't believe me just YouTube Connie Chung piano.